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Our wings

-Who's wings?
-Ours, of course!
-Do you refer to yours and mine, included?
-How else?
-So, it's your wings, my wings, their wings…
-Correct! Didn't you know you had them?
-But this is not 'our or everybody's wings'…
-Well, some have it and some not!
-I guess…
-Have never felt you had them?
-Maybe, I do feel sometimes I'm flying...
-Not because of drugs, I hope!
-No, is like a glider soothing between the clouds!
-That's more like it…
-It could have also been an astro-projection!
-It could, but I don't think so...
-Why not, because I tried it and it didn't work!
-Maybe your wings were heavier than mine?
-They're all the same for everybody!
-Even for small children?
-You may have a point.
-Only one?
-No, no…wings come in pairs.
-But the children would be smaller in size…
-So are certain adults, each with their own sizes.
-How about colors?
-Well, white for the Angels and black for the devils…
-That's old stuff…
-How do you figure?
-Well, look how we are dressed: colorful, wouldn't you say so?
-I'm so used to it …
-Living a colorful life, right?
-True… then it applies to others as well, right?
-I know what you're thinking…
-You do?
-Sure, we open a specialized atelier to color wings.
-Maybe…but I don't think you'll have all the hues needed!

©by Ray Arco

When I was born, I felt I was somebody;
As I grew up, I realized there are other 'bodies' and only few somebody;
They had similar physical features, but they were different;
If I was as different to them it made me feel good, yet not special;
To achieve that, I needed someone to look up to, maybe a "hero";
Hence, I started looking for people who were more than just 'somebody';
Experience showed me that there are also those very special, almost unique;
So, I paid attention to those manifestations that the Karma could not predict;
For that, I travelled a lot and mingled with all kind of living species;
It helped me to identify categories, provenance and behavioral pattern;
And even beyond that, when unusual situations happened;
When unpredictable accidents or incidents occurred and humans saved lives:
I started recognizing those being beyond very special…
Finding what makes people tic has become an obsession, quite an emergency!
Many a time, I even had to provoke situations that may reveal their 'secret';
With time and experience I found there was not only one secret;
Some, were even unbeknown to them;
It prompted me to chat with folk of all ages all over the world;
To dialog with worldly Thinkers and Gurus from babies to Santa Claus;
None to my complete satisfaction, which got me think deeper than ever:
Will I ever find 'my' Hero? For sure, there were some out there, somewhere;
Short of disappointment, an echoed voice encouraged me to look in the mirror:
"What do you see? Whom do you recognize being the most unique thinker?
"Apparently, it's me … could I be the Hero I've been searching all my life?
"Did you meet anyone else with your thinking and talents composite?"
"Not exactly, I mumbled to myself, but what about the other great ones?
"Remember the old wisdom saying: "It takes one, to recognize one!"

©by Ray Arco

Humans are believed to be humane,
But they are nit, without shame;

Other species of great fame,
Showed that they are more humane;

Life is believed to be a game:
It shows no merci to those without blame;

For, even those who have such claim,
Seldom show they are humane;

Many who shout "What's in a name?"
Are maimed and killed frame by frame;

Each day and night have their own game,
Embellishing each name;

Gods and Dragons mastering the Flame
Are believed to guard those humane;

Yet, spirits are tortured in vain,
And shout often "What's in a Name?”


©by Ray Arco

Across many lands and many mountains
the wilderness stands witness
to wild flowers bearing sweet fruits,
sweet as honey...

Across many lands and many mountains
wild flowers stand in the wilderness,
witness to life’s sweetness,
sweet as honey...

Across many lands and many mountains
a blind world bears bitter weeds
and children grow wild,
despite the sweetest honey...

Across many lands and many mountains
the wilderness in people’s hearts
makes them drift dry-as-death,
despite the sweetest honey...

And so, as time goes by seasoning the world and swirling winds sweep away people aimlessly,
joy is in the wilderness where
Wild flowers grow sweet as honey...


Editing: Ileana Matac Arco
Hollywood, California

Ray Arco    8/2/2020


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