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The Cathedral of The Carpathians

The Author´s Note

There are wonderful lands in our Romania, begining with The Black Sea and its sandy beaches then going up to the Carpathians crests, that stretch all around the centre of Romania like the walls of a fortress, so being a symbol of the unity of the three Romanian Principalities: The Kingdom of Mircea the Old, The Country of Steven the Great and The Country Beyond the Mountains of Avram Iancu (NT: Transylvania)

The Almighty endowed us with an enviable geographical space, which other nations would like to have and it´s a pity we don´t take advantage on this devine natural gift by developing our tourism to meet international standands, in order to bring us profit, when we possess such a remarcable national treasure. We´ve got deciduous forests, coniferous forests, quercinea forests (NT: evergreen trees, such as holm tree, or the evergreen oak) with a diversified and unique fauna and flora. There are, also, wonderful pastoral landscapes, representing an attractive option for tourists all over the world, especially due to their rich and original national traditions, including many folkloric customs, varying from one region to another, but gathering the same ancestral ethnographic legacy, cultural treasures that make us, the Romanians, unique in the world.

Endowed with a prodigious rich hidrographic network and abundent mineral deposits, both underground and at the surface, Romania is the country that still has (NT: but used to have much more in the past) all kinds of gold, such as: the black gold (petrolium), green gold (the forests), yellow gold (the grains that once made Romania known as Europe´s Granary), the gold itself as precious metal, and above all, Romanian golden soul, animating a joyous, hospitable,hardworking and generous people. That´s why Romanians should be proud to have inherited such a blessed and divine land!

I´ve been going all around my country since my college years and later on, either alone, or with my family, and I discovered these lands that enchanted my sight and exalted my soul. There are some of them that I saw only once and I look forward to seeing them again. But there are also places that even I´ve been there many times, I long for going back and satisfy my soul with those wonderful sights offered freely and plentifully by mother nature. Nevertheless, there are still many other places, crests of mountains, lakes or caves awaiting to be taken on pace and described by admirers like me.
But sometimes I feel that the years pass very fast over a planet engaged in a surving struggle, while the greatest powers dispute the world, in an attempt that degrades and disconsider not only the nature, but the human beiings, and so humanity and humankind get old far too early, both phisically and psychologically, forgetting that all of us are sons and daughters of God, and our best gift from Him is our LIFE. Much more, instead of gratitude to the Divinity and neighbour, we profess denigration, misbehaviour and destruction towards the man God created in His image.

Concerning Romanian splendours, there is very much left to be said. Unfortunately, after the so-called „revolution”, we´ve also got all sorts of desasters, which I´m not going to mention for the moment, so that I shouldn´t distort the reader´s attention from the journey this book tries to invite everybody to come along like a family,.even sometimes I might be considered superficial for not managing to protrude the essence of some places, i previously thank everybody who´s going to join me in this imaginary journey through the citadel called ROMANIA – THE VIRGIN MARY´S GARDEN.

Ion Nălbitoru    2/15/2019


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