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Happy Mother’s Day !

Mother’s Day, celebrated on the second Sunday of May falls on 9th May this year. The idea of celebrating Mother's Day the world over is to pay tribute to all mothers for their love and support and to make them feel special.The day honours motherhood and is an expression of gratitude to them for the hardships they bear in bringing up a child.

Why is the mother-child bond so special?

With the cutting of the umbilical cord at birth, the physical attachment to our mothers ceases but this is when psychological and emotional attachments begin. Being physically attached to our mothers within the womb is life sustaining but it is the emotional and psychological attachment that follows later, which provides a foundation for us to thrive in this world. A firm bond between mother and child is a prerequisite for normal development. Research has proven that this bonding is reflected in how well children do in school, how they build relationships and how well they cope with stressful or new situations. In other words, it is this bond that helps in shaping a child’s overall personality and is the most important part of a child’s life.

Studies show that children attached to a mother figure feel she is a safe base from which they can venture out and explore the world. Without a secure mother figure, a child exposed to unexpected events undergoes intense stress. Her presence is reassuring and they go to her when hurt, stressed or frightened. Children lacking a concrete bond with their mother figure may still seek her out but it is not the same and this leaves a definite void in their lives. Bonding creates within the child a sense of confidence and a positive attitude which influences both attendance and achievement.

Infants having a deep bonding with their mothers become independent at a young age and this also boosts their self-esteem. Even when their lives are unstable, it enables them to be self-reliant and enjoy relationships with peers. These children are also more successful in school.

What helps strengthening the mother-child bond?

In today’s world of constant change and stress, most working mothers are unable to spend the whole day with their children. Despite this, maintaining a close relationship and open communication are necessary to ensure that the mothers and their children stay connected right through the growing-up years. Here are some simple tips for enhancing this relationship:

Listen to your child - No matter how tired you are at the end of the day, listen to what your child is eager to tell you. Allow time for your child to ask questions and answer them honestly.

Develop a bedtime routine - Reading a favourite bedtime book or telling stories is a practice that your child will remember throughout her life. This also helps your child to connect to you.

Ask your child for help - Unloading groceries after going to the store, choosing which shoes look better with your dress etc lets a child know you value their opinion and also gives them a chance to make choices for you.

Eat at least one meal together - Eating together sets the stage for conversation and sharing. Turn the TV off, and don't rush through a meal.

Respect your child’s choices - Children reach out for independence at a young age, and parents can help to foster those decision-making skills by being supportive and guiding them about the right decision in a very subtle way.

Read more at: http://doctor.ndtv.com/storypage/ndtv/id/004447/Celebrating_Mothers_Day_2010.html?cp

Bhawna Arya     5/9/2010


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