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Words ad literam

Once upon a time, there was only the World of Sounds. It was a world where the only way one could communicate short through of touching, embracing, kissing or fighting. It was a world of transition through which the display of physical and sometimes psychic brain power, commanded absolute and unconditional respect. A world where life came and went at will, according to circumstances. That is, until the apes broke away from the gorillas and slowly developed a more sophisticated vociferous way of communicating. Before long, the Worlds of Sounds, with its empirical domination, felt obliged to pay attention to other species as well and allow these genuine attempts to flourish along as the apes became more and more humans.

Once Homo Sapiens developed into a more organized society that needed to communicate, it attempted to vocalize, speak and sing. With time, before one became fully aware, the illuminates of those times were preoccupied to mix consonants and vowels and thus form what became known as words. Maybe not the way we talk today, but, nevertheless, words! Faced with such rapid development on planet earth, the Empire of Sounds called an extraordinary meeting of all the Species’ representatives to inform them that it was the decision of the Sound’s Empire King and his advisors to create an official Council of Words. Its duty was to supervise the development of this new way of communication whereby thoughts and feelings could be expressed enough to avert unnecessary confrontations and mayhem. For a more acute observer, though non-existent at the time, it was the clever strategy of an ignorant ruler to keep an eye on how things developed without threatening his power.

Thus, the Council of Words grew to be a very powerful conduit to the development of short and long Words. Some even implied one or multiple meanings once the thought process could be verbalized. One way or another, the Words developed into different languages as their proponents broke slowly away from the Sound’s Empire’s Council of Words, given that its findings did not apply everywhere, with everybody and for everything. With centuries going by, some of the original words disappeared while other new ones took their place. A living language for sure! Interestingly, words that appeared in one language, suddenly appeared in other ones, even if, somewhat, distorted. As for technical or specialized words that could not be translated exactly, they were adopted and imbedded in those languages at fair value, though their spelling may have changed.

Before long, the Council of Words grew to such extent, that it challenged the Empire of Sounds. Their growth could not be stopped! Nor did the one of Sounds which became louder and louder, without people realizing that they were loosing the ability of hearing what Words where meaning. Curiously, and maybe not so curious, it is only the Homo Sapiens species that took advantage of what the Council of Words clarified and supervised. Before too long, they were the ones to use the Words in multiple ways in which ever language. This, however, did not developed smoothly the way one would have hoped, for the Ignorant – who could not comprehend or was to lazy to learn - wanted to profit whichever way and even rule by force, while the rest of the people demanded the freedom of expression and that of the Press.

Hence, the struggle between the powerful forces of the Ignorant grew to such extent that the Learned, the Knowledgeable, and the Illuminates could not contain it. As a result, though millions of words are spoken today, many are meaningless or so cleverly constructed that, the ultimate result to those listening to them, are sheer brainwashing. Whether conveyed by a fanatic religious, political ignorant, an irresponsible media, or marketing and corporate special interests, the compilation of Words certainly outgrew the ancient Council of Words’ purpose. Namely, to simply communicate thoughts and feelings truthfully in order to help negotiate relationships so that people could help and not maim each other. Alas, their very genuine purpose was kidnapped and is being utilized, more and more, as a weapon rather than a tool of love and academic advancement. And this is how, most probably, gangs, secret societies and the political parties came to be; facts with which, unfortunately, we are still living today, based on the each on his own mentality that is growing into a syndrome.

Hence, the democratic concept: the freer one wants to be, the more self-discipline is needed to enjoy such freedom of Words Ad Literam!

Innuendos – Vol I
Editing: Ileana Matac Arco
Hollywood, California

by Ray Arco    1/12/2010


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