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Taking Action To Keep Ontario Beautiful

TORONTO, May 2 /CNW/ -

Cutting grass and picking up litter along the sides of Ontario's busiest
highways will help keep the province beautiful and protect the environment.
The Province is hiring maintenance contractors to cut grass and pick up
litter along highway sections such as the 401, 417, Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW),
11 and 17.
Ontario's other programs to keep highways clean include:

- Adopt-A-Highway program (www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/faq/other.htm) -
583 volunteer groups beautify 2,565 kilometres of highway several
times each year, including litter pick up, tree, shrub and wildflower
- Operation Springboard - low-risk offenders pick up litter on
provincial highways through Ministry of Community Safety and
Correctional Services' program
- Stash Your Trash - a pilot program underway between the cities of
Wawa and Sault Ste. Marie that provides safe locations for drivers to
pull off the road and dispose of their in-vehicle trash.


"Ontario's highways are the gateway for many travellers and tourists.
Clean highways leave a lasting impression with visitors - we all need to do
our part to keep Ontario beautiful," said Transportation Minister Jim Bradley


- Littering of highways by any means is an offence under the Highway
Traffic Act with fines between $60 and $500.

- Debris that represents a hazard to drivers and impacts public health
or environmental safety is removed as quickly as possible by ministry
contractors and staff.

- Last year, 10,000 hectares of roadside grass was mowed on Ontario's
busiest highways including QEW, 400 (from 401 to 11), 401 (from 402
to Oshawa), 403 (Hamilton and Mississauga), 404, 409, 410, 427,
35/115, and 417.


Learn more about Ontario's action plan on climate change

Nicole Lippa-Gasparro    5/2/2008


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