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Elysse Poetis

Klaus: Should I use Romanian?
Elysse: You don’t speak Romanian!

Klaus: That’s right. But according to your mom, my dear mother-in-law, I’m doing fine!
Elysse: Oh, she’s just being extra polite, because you are such a charmer ...

Klaus: Elysse, did you write poems using the Romanian language? ... and did you ever publish any?
Elysse: Since childhood I must have written thousands. As a young child I did not keep a record of my
creations. I can only tell you that before I left Romania in 1980, I destroyed my poems. I did it for the
very reason that some of the poems contained anti-communist flavour. I intend to publish new romanian poems in the near future. I have a huge collection.

Klaus: I like that! Now tell me please about the book, “The Mind of a Poetess.” You wrote it in English. Tell me, why is it that you converted from Romanian to English? ... and how can that be, that
without formal training in linguistics you can write to such an extent? ... and so beautifully?
Elysse: “The Mind of a Poetess” came so naturally. So spontaneous. So mysterious that scared me!
That’s why I mention in its pages that “it is God playing with humanity through my romantic poetry.”
Being forced to write in English to such a degree ... living in celibacy ... deprived of intimacy ... away
from humanity ... just imagine? I can tell you that it was because I found myself for the first time in my
entire life completely alone, day and night, for approximately three and a half years, with very little
interaction or interruption.On page 346 I thought I was done, but, as I say at the end of that page “The
Divine” wouldn’t let me, so, I surrendered.” You only have to read the rest of it, to understand why.
About converting from Romanian to English? Again, a miracle. Nothing comes out of nothing, it’s true.
But it is also true that incredible spirits of creation can choose someone and in an instant incredible talent is put in place without any explanation. Look at how so many normal humans turn “abnormal.” We
can ask all we want, “How is that possible?” This yummy cosmic secret intrigued humanity since the
beginning of time, yet no one ever had a clear explanation of how it is done. On one side I’d like to
believe that it was the result of intensive prayer and deep faith paralleled with agony, confusion, and
struggle. Since I was a child I felt awkward in some way. I felt a sort of deep magnetism which
absorbed me in some type of trance where I felt watched, loved, and somehow mature. I didn't know
what it was, thank God, otherwise I would have not been able to live normal between normals and
accumulate the earthly experiences and skills that these days I so much appreciate having. Being a
mother and a grandmother, I need a strong me. A loving normal me, to share.

Klaus: Let’s speak about you as a writer/poetess. You are theatrical, I have to admit.
Elysse: I know ... We expect these beautiful miracles to be attached only to the world of “the young.”

Klaus: You have to rephrase this! I’m quite positive that you meant that you are more advanced in life.
Elysse: Precisely! What was I thinking?

Klaus: About the book again, “The Mind of a Poetess.” The poetry covers everything. It rhymes. It is
fun to read and extremely entertaining. How did it happen?
Elysse: Again, it came from heaves. The muses of inspiration are being mentioned throughout history.
That’s why I appreciate history. It gives us leading clues that it happened before to others.

Klaus: How does it feel to have such talent?
Elysse: Special ... I also feel responsibility. I feel the need to be better than ever in everything I do. I
feel like a leader of some sort, having the privilege and the power to influence.

Klaus: Are you afraid in any way? Flustrated ...?
Elysse: No. Actually I feel an overwhelming sense of calm. I always feel the pain of love sustaining my

Klaus: Explain.
Elysse: In my world of creativity love is my supporting energy. I float ... I dream ... At the snap of a
finger I can exit this reality and enter the trance of creativity where dreams become the written word.

Klaus: Are you dreaming right now?
Elysse: No. Now I choose to stay focused, so I can answer you properly.

Klaus: As your husband I realized that you are fantasy prone. ... that’s why I take care of you to such
an extent. You are like a fragile child when in the state of creativity.
Elysse: See? How God takes care of today’s poets? No more danger, starving or early death. ... I mean,
like in the past.

Klaus: Your humour ... with a touch of drama here and there ...
Elysse: Where would we be in these cosmic endeavours without the tears?

Klaus: ... and it suits us so well ...
Elysse: A bit of extreme here and there adds fire to any monotone environment. Yes, this opposition of
love, “drama,” shapes us! Filters us. Brings us purity. The desire to fight for perfection. For better heavens.
Try again, smarter!

Klaus: Don’t we know the feeling?
Elysse: And we are thankful for it. It opened our eyes. Brought us together. It almost feels that drama is
our rough friend. It has no mercy on us until we smarten up, right?

Klaus: And you describe all this in “The Mind of a Poetess.” You describe it in such detail that when I
read it the first few times I felt that I was me the one you were talking about in many parts of the book.
Seams that we humans struggle with similar issues and all of us dream of better times, more love, more
peace ...
Elysse: More intellect ... faith ... perfection ... eternal youth ...

Klaus: Now you are pushing it!
Elysse: We have to be able to laugh at ourselves sometimes. Just look in the mirror and tell me what
you see?

Klaus: Oh, that is easy. I see a healthy, wealthy, good looking man.
Elysse: Every day?

Klaus: Every day.
Elysse: Must be the German bug called “ego engineering,” or something like that.

Klaus: Good try.
Elysse: You asked!

Klaus: Dear readers, as you can see it is very difficult to interview my wife. Intimacy turns everything
into comedy. Now you know what I put up with every day. But you know what? I am the happiest man
alive. All I have to say is “Thank you God for giving life to Elysse. Thank you, Romania, for nurturing
her as a child, and Thank you Canada for adopting her ... and me.”

Klaus: Elysse, please tell the readers about the success of your book.
Elysse: People love it! We are on the second month of our book tour and the news of its existence
spreads like wild fire. The tour is so much fun and an incredible brand new experience for me. To meet
so many people up to four times a week, traveling from city to city for signage. Because I feed on
images, I love it.

Klaus: You have many more books to come, Elysse, tell me please, what kind? What will we see from
you in the future?
Elysse: Oh, all these books of mine ... many ready to take off. The subjects vary from A to Z. Even
during my single years, while I wrote “The Mind of a Poetess,” I actually wrote much more. I intent to
write for the rest of my life. I’ve been blessed with this incredible talent that I cannot ignore, for which
I am very grateful to God.

Klaus: On behalf of those who admire your talent, I thank you Elysse.


It’s night on Earth and once again
Love wrapped us in its mystic chain,
I’ll dream with you of global peace,
Romance in Toronto ... or Paris ...
Our love, that we cannot explain ...


Interview for OBSERVATORUL
Elysse Poetis
by Klaus Dieter Emrich, publisher

by Klaus Dieter Emrich    6/25/2007


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