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Evolution, devolution and adaptation

Millions of pages awere wiritten about evolution and the opiinions are still
dividet : from the ones who are completely deniieng her to the ones who are
thinking it is one of the most glorious human idea.In the middle are the
ones who are accepting the idea the evolution is the way the Cr eator or ID
continunes the work he started milleniums ago according to the creationists
or miliards of years ago (13.5) according to the evolutionists.
Recently it was discovered the oldest scheleton of a child who was credited
as beeing 3.5million years old,therefore older then Lucy from eastern Africa
who was 1.2 million years old.Both scheletons precedet than the beginning of
world according to Old Testament (around 6000 years ac)
The dinosaurs who had disapeard 65 mil. of years ago were decendents of
birds, most probably birds of pray ,who lost theirs fethers ,got solid
teeths and became ferocious earthy carnivors beeing adjusted to an earthy
Recent studies of specimens of dophins and whales reached the conclusions
this kind of animals were initialy earthly animals because had teeths and
becaming aquatics have lost the legs who are noted now as small buds who
are failing to get developed .
If evolution means continous change from a simple to a more complex form it
has to be acceptet as well the conception the adaptation to environment -in
order to survive- can impose a loss of previous structures -the legs in our
exemple-and the development of structures necessary to a new function ,that
of living in aquatic environment; if this means "strugle for life" Darwin
was right;if this mean "functional change" in order to survive in a modified
environment it would be more adequate to talk about "adaptation" to the
environment. wich can be more complex or less complex as initial anatomincal
form.And if it's less complex-legs replaced by fins- it cannot be designeted
as evolution but as a kind of" reversed evolution" wich is due to the samee
mecanism of adaptation.
On humans the residual anatomical forms as the appendix or Meckel
diverticulum of the terminal small bowell could be considered eventualy as
reversed evolutionary organs who ontogenicly had some important function on
digestion which was lost during the evolution due to some type of digestive
system changes;this kind of modification could be named eventualy ,
It is interesting to mention in actual fact the paleomolecular biology
studies allowed to backed up the scale of evolution and in this way the
evolutionary changes could be documented with objectivity;it's therefore
possible to recover a DNA from a neanderthal fossil and from this complex
molecule to synthtize the protein produced by the fossil gene and so it
might be possibkle to reconstruct a neanderthal man part because the
proteins can be reactivatat even after millions of years.
Only in this way can be answerd the question if evolution means continue
complexity;adaptation to environment trough a mecanism trigerd by
information from the environment acting over the genes
can produce a much simple anatomical form wich can be considered as a
devolution , a comme back on the scale of evolution but not detrimental to
the species.Therefore the" strugle for life" mentioned by Darwin does not
represent a linear developpment. but a non-linear one wich can be in accord
to non-linearity of the micro-( quantic) univers dominated by the principle
of uncertainty.

Dinu Dimitriu    11/9/2006


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