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The activist

Now, that I've been born,
I just realized I am still an activist,
willy-nilly, all my life. So, be fair,
I must admit, it could have started
before being actually born; although,
I do dare imagine some things
before that…

Instead, my inner dreams
took me into promising futures
I devoured with curiosity;
So, I embarked onto the adventure
of learning and understanding more,
gulping anything before and
after that…

Whereby, the human condition
considers premonitions
to safeguard one's liberty
to create, to serve, and to love…
So, I ventured to defend all these
for, without education, little happens
later on…

Hence, the rush to be in the know,
beyond the call of duty, now tarnished
by the stubborn ignorant,
whose limited vista and greed
undermines society's survival need,
never mind the created pain to others
post that…

So, I dedicated all that made me be
to stimulate the others' awareness away
from being silent which leads to mayhem
and wars within and outside ourselves,
the logic consequence of ignorance,
selfishness, greed, envy and hate,
during that…

Yes, I'm a so-called: an activist!
For, how else I could face the mornings,
the days and nights, let alone the dreams
which feed the core of humanity
and those of us dedicated to preserve
its essence on earth, since, there is no
after that!

E.S.P.-On Betterment of Mankind
Editing: Ileana Matac Arco
Hollywood, California

© by Ray Arco    6/18/2019


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