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Pranks and jokes bestowed on you , my children !

Those pranks and jokes bestowed on me right from the start, including my birth at a time when the Euro society was still struggling after WW-I, never did what they were supposed to do! Namely, enhance my awareness about life's whims and incongruities! For, I actually felt my alertness, apprehension, cognizance, discernment, perception and bodhi unfulfilled… Hence, my karma's imbedded need to clarify why and why not? Karma! It took a little while to figure that one... Given the people's multitude imagination concocted with multiple explanations I heard, no wonder I was misled by those who surrounded me, willy-nilly! So, anywhere from destiny, fate, kismet, vibratory feelings, serendipity, something-written... I ask by whom and where? And further on to the way and belief...
Wait! Crumbling cookies? Hmmm… as for “gods and goddesses”, it took a couple of years to clarify that one! It was a matter of believing which is what, when and why to be applied correctly and meaningfully. And, so it went until my ancestry crapped on me...

Ah, my father - yes, I knew him and called him papa, even father when something I would ask was profound - one of 19 children from two mothers, not only survived being recruited in the Romanian Army during WW-I, but learned to be first a bookkeeper and then a CPA that enterprises and banks recruited him thereafter the WW-I… He resigned to be the best CPA and manager, for he took care not only of our meager family with one child, but also seven out of those 19 brothers and sisters, my uncles and aunts, still around. Let alone my grandpa, his father, whose traditional rational I barely understood...
I was rewarded, though, with my grandma on my mother's side that I called "Baba". Out of her seven children and 18 nieces and nephews, my cousins, she liked me most because I understood not only what she said, but what she implied as well. And, she understood me, too! Hence, once a week when the family would visit her, I would get on a stool and recite for her a poem. And yes, she would give me a coin for that with the advice to collect them for those dark days we would encounter, sometimes. Not to forgetmy mother… Somehow, on a summer vacation - the way the legend goes - she visited a couple of her brothers, my uncles living in Vienna, Austria, when she met my father. Apparently, something clicked. They fell in love and got married in the Jewish deco tradition. A year later, apparently, I popped out giggling while asking myself, where was I? It took a couple of years to read and write, accept that there were as many languages as beliefs. Hence, I tried to accommodate, contemplate, clarify, assess the inner and outer needs, explore the feelings behind tears and laughter and, ultimately, declare war on ignorance on my fourth birthday...!

Don't look at me like that! Yes, it came to me! I said it and did it! It was important to spit and spell it out... For, I had and have much more to crowd my brain with tailoring the pranks and jokes according to the current status enveloping us singly and society-wise! Hence, rather than running hiding or running away from it, I plunged myself into kind of a war on ignorance in several languages in order to better understand their cultural provenance and their subsequent output!

Hmm… I hope you follow me, because it will lead your path to understanding why we are the way we are and do something about it! The question still remains, however, whether these pranks and jokes were and are my own creative fantasy or an energy from above that does not care whether it visits me by day or by night? Hence, the need to have always by me a pen and pad, before these blessed ideas disappear without lodging into my memory... Not an insurmountable task, I'd say, but still, a pain in the… wait a minute, might this be the prelude to a prank or a good joke?

Essays – Volume I
Editing: Ileana Matac Arco
Hollywood, California

by Ray Arco    2/2/2019


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