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Time Fugit Willy - Nilly

- Why is it that, the more we grow older, the faster the time passes?
- I was just about to ask you that...
- You also realized it, didn't you?
- Just recently... somehow, a week seemed to never end in the past...
- And now a month is like a week!
- Is it connected with us growing older?
- Probably, but it's more like the way we're inundated by information.
- Too darn much, right?
- And from all directions! Who cares about politicians or corporate intimacies?
- True! We barely handle our own, right?
- So-to-speak... let alone this electronic communications avalanche.
- Right! Now, they even impersonate legit companies to enter one's computers...
- They blocked mine recently and had to call the authorities to stop the bastards!
- Did they catch them; did they steel anything?
- Luckily, they couldn't, given that mine are encrypted out of this world. Besides...
- Besides what?
- Even if they copy them, they wouldn't know what to do with the content.
- Good for you! I wasn't so lucky!
- What d'you mean?
- Well, I thought that if I protect them with codes in various outlandish languages... - So, what happened?
- They messed it up mixing the alphabets and I am still spending time to clear them!
- Unbelievable! Where is the time when Morse was the way?!
- I bet there is a niche in the Clouds that has that, too!
- So, what is the safest way to communicate?
- Either telepathically or by slow mail, I guess.
- Telepathically! Is too fast to make notes, as for the slow mail, it is too slow!
- Quite a dilemma, isn’t it?
- You said it! Let's...
- Not those!... They'll be too soon or too late...
- I think sooner is better than later, though...
- What?
- Either way, we'll still be friends, I guess?
- You said it! Although...
- Oh, shut up! Wait! What's the rush?
- I must hurry to catch up with myself!

Dialogues: Vol. II
Editing: Ileana Matac Arco

by Ray Arco     9/4/2018


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