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- We know each other for a long time and you don't seem to age!
- What are you talking about? You saw me very tired, didn't you?
- This is what I meant... although they do go together, you know...
- There's no secret about it.
- Denying it, means there is one, isn't it?
- Oh, cut it out!
- So, why get upset?
- Because you insist I may have a secret about my ways, and there's none!
- Okay, okay, forget I asked!
- You don't believe me...
- What is to believe or not? You always seem so...
- Alive?
- Well, that is a matter of temperament, we all have ups and downs.
- So, you know!
- With you, however, there is something extra and that's why I got curious...
- Why, have you noticed something unusual?
- Not really, just your walking almost on sparkles.
- Now, that's a good one! Sparkles, eh?... I like it!
- Sorry, I just asked!
- No, no, it's perfectly all right! After all these years together, you need the truth.
- Come on, forget it! I asked in a whim to be funny...
- No, no, I also asked myself the same about other special people I encounter.
- And who look one way and then, suddenly they bloom taking us by surprise!
- Something like that! With me it's very simple... I sleep only a couple of hours.
- That's it?!
- Well, then I have a cycle when I work only a couple of hours.
- How about sex?
- That's a good question! Sometimes I remember and sometimes I don't.
- Me, too!

Dialogues – Volume I
Editing: Ileana Matac Arco
Hollywood, California

©by Ray Arco    11/7/2017


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