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Paranormal presence

We all are aware of what "presence" means. The question is whose Presence? Where? When? Why? Of course, we could take ourselves for example since we move all over the place. Hence, are those watching us aware who we are and why are we there? Are we aware that they may be conscious and therefore aware and not agree that we are there? Or, if they do agree, why not come to welcome and embrace us? Does our presence or theirs, for that matter, emanate certain colorful hues to alert each other in what mood either of us are? Loving or Criminal? Passive or just so-so? And how long they will be lasting? I, for one, am sensitive enough to these matters, but not super-sensitive like certain Gurus with their inborn super-feelings many of which other species also may have. So, I resign in knowing that I am present by choice rather than by fate, although we should not discard this that easy, for our Karma may like each other without us knowing it at that particular moment! Hence, the conclusion that my presence within the range of your presence or vice-versa may interact with us becomes aware sooner or later. I agree, sooner is better, but let us face it, sometimes later is also better. Why? Because it may give us time to regroup our thoughts with our feelings since the body has a mind of its own, so-to-speak, and the various processing methods we all adopt along the years, may just be too slow or, who knows, maybe too fast for our egos to appreciate and apply a rational triage at the time!

Having said this so that we can find ourselves on the same page, shouldn't we be also certain that our individual Presence is there to witness whatever, rather than be elsewhere and not pay a concentrated attention in translating whatever verbiage, body language and content in the Present? Let alone the background of that content or why is being brought out at that particular moment? It is fine to be able to communicate one way or another, preferably peacefully but then, which elements will alert us ahead to protect our sensibilities while, at the same time, respond adequately and possibly smart? Or, even smarter? Why not? It is not a matter of showing off, except that this way we could find if we deal with our peers or not! If they are less, then is it worth our time to continue? If they are more, is it worth their time? A possible dilemma that we should try to be ready for and avoid before falling into a trap of our own doing... Consequently, this particular type of awareness can confirm the latitude of our presence and its degree of signaling the other parts of the brain, whether we should continue or not. Now, here it is when the notions of our curiosity degree and special interests kick in: is our presence aware of the radiant magnetism we may have encountered and how to deal with it sooner or later?

The lightning impact of such circumstances will not wait for our unconsciousness or consciousness to respond intelligently and substantive in order to honor and match the challenge at par level. This is when our presence is more in demand than any other time given the notion that, unless fully present, our presence does not count!

Thus, the need surfaces to know – first, if there is a dialog at all between Presence and the Present. If there is, then they are so much faster than we are with our being. If there isn't, should we bother to care? For, many others - people or species - respond depending on convenience or inconveniency depending on their whims at the time, which, let us face it, do present a turbulent lottery if to decide whether we did well being there at the time or not! Be it as it may, true, while the choice may be ours, we must admit that we are subjects to the unknown more than we like to admit and therefore our choices suffer and, with that, the context in which they are made. I, personally, do not think this is a healthy or desirable situation, but we must be prepared to deal with it willy-nilly. Getting drunk or high definitely does not help. Be illusive of these, overwhelming problems or not, does not show maturity to none of our own parts and less to theirs. Hence, short of praying to those in Heaven or Hell, of even those on the way there, I don't think it satisfies the reality of our time. In conclusion, I, for one, trained myself to be ready for those occasions when my Presence, on its own, decides not to be present. No, I'm not...well, maybe a little, although admitting it seems to be that I am more in the Present than others. The question is still, whose Presence - When, Where, Why? Which, almost suddenly, makes me realize that by you allocating the minutes to reading this, your time definitely contributes to acknowledge your Presence into the Present. Thank you!

Essays - Vol I
Editing: Ileana Matac Arco
Hollywood, California

© by Ray Arco    9/11/2017


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