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Not all vultures look or act the same

It is a matter of semantics, of course. Although it applies both within the birds’ kingdom as well as within ours, whereby the Karma gifted some of us with great features but a criminal personality and a vicious temperament and others who look weird, if not ferocious, but are the kindest hearts in the land. In addition, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder like many other aptitudes, although both these physical and personality factors change from continent to continent, from country to country and even from one environment to the other. For people of the plains perceive things differently than those from the mountains or the sea. Let alone those from the villages and those from the city jungles. Or, even those from one professional trade to another. Somehow, there are the eagles and the vultures, the congenial pets and the predators. The givers and the takers. And, ultimately, the leader and the followers. True, we all are different in some ways, deep down within ourselves we are made almost the same. Apparently, it’s the environment we’re all born in to be blamed, let alone the circumstances whose complexity affects us and those around us, the other species include, in any number of ways.

And this is where the notion of luck enters the equations. Really, now! I never met one with a luck manufacturing plant. What is true, however, is that our quantitative brains’ sparkles are more congenial and creative in some of us than in the others. Hence, some of us have a brighter dose of intelligence rather than others. A more electric temperament than the others. More spank than laziness and more good taste than the others. And thus, the natural selection of things in as much as we feel safe. The same goes for the other species as well, depending on how big their brain capacity of understanding things as well as their temperament. But this is nothing really new for the scientists. The problem is that it is for the masses and this is quite troublesome in many respects. Take the use especially of the body language, let alone the verbal ones. Or the nature of humor perceives in some places as an insult rather than a laughing matter. And, ultimately, the mentality attitudes structured according to an ignorant and an educated individual or other species for that matter. Nothing new for a Social Scientist or even a neurologist. For those with drastic life experiences like those coming back from wars and those who cannot really understand or comprehend their needs beyond the physical ones. And ultimately for those underprivileged and struck by poverty and those very wealthy whose point is that if they made it, why not the others? Forgetting, of course, the given circumstances.

This is not meant to be a one-way lecture about common sense given that common sense it’s not so common anymore these days. It is, however, an effort to remind some that things must not be taken for granted in a world that its normal dynamics has been derailed being pushed by special interests beyond their humanitarian logic limits. The lesson being, of course, that as independently democratic and/or libertarian one may be, the lack of self-discipline and overall ignorance do contribute to both inner and outer chaos that lead to the mayhem of inner-self and thus, the continuum panic leading to misperception of the momentum reality is. Or, in other words, are you a giver or a taker? An eagle or a vulture? And if so, which kind and to what purpose? Selfish or community congenial? Etc., etc., etc. There is so much on the subject that, willy-nilly, one should be clear about for, either way, it affects everybody and, especially, oneself. A person’s pulse reflects not only the physical condition but a reaction to just about everything from dreams to the eye opening and closing or what and how much the brain allows to be bothered with the emotional activity nonsense. For, luckily maybe, we are not only a three-dimensional physical entity but a consortium of sparkles running randomness and which by chance may team up or simply bump into each other and then WHAT? For, while science has clarified for us much and still has a long way to go, the importance of having clarified things for oneself is immeasurable! Let alone for the others. Hence, the awareness of taste within our lives’ equation could clarify our behavioral patterns phenomenon and as such have a clearer picture whether we are lame ducks, an eagle or a vulture? And, if none of these, should we be worried or simply get better educated? I know, I know, schooling and discipline are never fun, BUT …

Essays – Volume I
Editing: Ileana Matac Arco
Hollywood, California

©by Ray Arco    10/21/2016


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