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Fragmente din " Smiles in the mirror" de Veronica Lerner

Tom's Bright Thoughts

Father is playing "Let's go to bed" and wants to persuade Tom it is high time he went to sleep. So father makes believe he is going to bed and asks Tom to tell him a story. Tom prepares to get started but first he needs to drink some water. Father wants him to hurry so Tom replies at long last: "I couldn't thpeak, I had wather in my mouth. Now ith's gone, now I can thpeak." And he begins a little story about cats and kids.

"Father, mother is mine, let her be!"

"Ma, where's the bathrobe hose? "What hose? That's a string or a belt!" "That so?"

"Mother, what's that?" "It's a bracelet." "Really? Give it to me!' "I will not because you're a boy and boys don't wear bracelets, only girls do. I'm a girl so I wear one." "You a girl? I love this girl."

"What a beautiful dress you have!" "Yes, women wear dresses." "When I grow up and I am a mother will I get to wear dresses too?"

The kindergarten mistress: "Gee, stop talking so much Tom or you'll bore a hole in my head." "And then your cap will fall into it and won't be able to get out?"

"Mother, if I jump from the bed head down my neck breaks?" "Yes." "And what's going to happen then?" "You'll get hurt and you'll cry." "How's that? My head'll cry down there by itself and I'll be left with no head?"

"Ma, when it rains the TV gets wet?"

"Tom, be good and maybe Santa will bring you some chocolate cookies." "Where does he get them from? He buys them?" "No, he makes them at home." "And his beard doesn't get stuck into the oven?"

"Santa was old and his beard was somewhat faulty. Why was that?"

"What's a horse dolt like? It's small? "Perhaps you mean colt?!" "Yeah, colt. It's its child, right?"

I wish all the kids in the world a long and prosperous life. To those kids that are around us and to those that are inside us!

Nota Observator;

Veronica Lerner a fost invitata , la 1 octombrie a.c., sa citeasca din cartea ei " Smiles in the mirror" la intalnirea " Cultural Days - Mississauga Writers Group " .

Observator    10/2/2016


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