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Never a dull moment !

- Wow! Aren't you lucky!
- Lucky? Ha! Do you know how intense this is?
- I can imagine.
- I sure hope so!
- How much energy it takes?
- So? There's no secret to it. Even the brain acts on it!
- How tired it gets one?
- Correct... our stamina succumbs managing its sparkles.
- And how one has only a few moments to oneself?
- You can say that again! It's difficult to monitor the sparkles' whims.
- How incomprehensible are most of such moments?
- True... and there's no one encyclopedia of incomprehensible things...
- Right! Not in any language, anyhow... Can you imagine if...
- But for the sounds of Music, I figure...
- And those exotic rhythms...
- And the colorful lightening ... or, just any light.
- Something like that which usually accompany the miracle of Love...
- You took it out of my mouth...
- You keep it in your mouth? I thought that Love emanates elsewhere!
- The Brain?... Nope! The Heart? Nope either! Ah, Sex, for sure! Nope?
- You don't know yet?
- It's not physical at all... Just think about the spirit...inspiration, creativity...
- Aha: Eros!
- Yes, even libido ...
- Libido? Of course! So, we're on the same page!
- No really... it will be dull!
- Hmm, I guess so... then how to balance this situation?
- We don't! We let it balance us!

Dialogues – Vol. I
Editing: Ileana Matac Arco
Hollywood, California


Is it Me, or a combination of elements?
If it’s You, it must be a different combination!
If it's Them, however, we have a problem when consideration always pauses by comparison to the zillions of bacteria inside and outside all of us, do figure it out... for I am overwhelmed!
Old wisdom says: it is in the eyes of the beholder. Just saying it, however, it is not good enough, for the way the bacteria cells kills each other, so do we, and this is unacceptable!

Hallucinatory wishful thinking is not good enough, especially under present circumstances whereby ignorance prevails at all level causing all kind of damage from environmental health to socio-political levels.

While greed is apparently imbedded in our natural misbehavior composite, wouldn’t one think that a vaccine should have been already developed so that our kids, politicians and other faiths believers would adjust accordingly for common-good we all thrive for?

And who should watch and balance all this? Those who want only to profit from us being born with the poor and our parents being the last on the society's list?

Am I hallucinating? Are You hallucinating? Are They hallucinating?
Are we all hallucinating? How about the other species??? After all they also have to feed themselves by the grace of...?

Got it! Humanity may be the only antidote to a point, however. How about the other' points'? True, aging sucks, but look at the experience and wisdom that should compensate! Shouldn't we be able to barter with all the current IT, VI, etc., supposedly enhancing our free time to create and love?

LOVE…? Boy, are we dreaming or what? Are we hallucinating, or what? And what if truthportation can make it happen? What if, after all, we are human for real? What then?

Essays - Vol I
Editing: Ileana Matac Arco
Hollywood, California

Ray Arco    9/15/2016


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