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Help my son Theodor T. Constantinescu

My name is Vali (Vasilica) Constantinescu, based in Bucharest, Romania, Theodor Sperantia Street no. 137, Building, 6th floor, apartment 25, Sector 3

I am the mother of four children - three boys and a girl.

My eldest son Theodor T. Constantinescu is a 35-year-old IT engineer and now lives in Vietnam. He urgently needs a CRANIOPLASTY to replace a part of his skull (right temporoparietal area).

In order to perfectly understand everything from the beginning, I have to briefly expose the origin of this situation.

On October 1st, 2008, Theodor T. Constantinescu, my first child, who was doing a Master’s Degree in Hanoi - Vietnam had a serious motorcycle accident after which he suffered a traumatic brain injury (TCC), Subdural Acute Hematoma.

He was in a coma for seven days after the first surgery, on the night of the 1st to 2nd of October 2008. After a second operation - on January 20th, 2008, he had his Bone Shutter (the portion of skull removed) to the first surgery.

This is standard procedure: neurosurgeons lift a part of the skull from the blow zone - in this case the right temporoparietal area - called Os Volet in Romanian (Volet Osos), if there are no shrapnel, bone chips, or cracks.

After a six months break, the skull bone is put back in place or it is replaced by a PROSTHESIS made of a variety of materials: plastic or ceramic, TITANIUM (metal, chemical element).

In my son’s case, his own skull bone was put back in place on January 20th, 2016, as the skull was left intact after the accident. There were no dodges.

I could not leave my child alone on a hospital bed 15,000 km away, having to undergo two difficult head surgeries, and after having suffered a head trauma.

So his dad (Theodor V. Constantinescu) and I immediately went to Hanoi - Vietnam.

The first surgery took place immediately after the accident, on October 1st, 2008 and it was a success, with no brain injury. Nevertheless, the doctors could not completely say anything until after the second surgery, which had to take place after another three months.

Until the second surgery, which took place at the end of January 2009, my son lived for over three months without bone flap and the scalp directly attached to the brain.

The expenses of this additional care (in the student residence in Vietnam, during the three months) as well as our trips to Vietnam (my son was not transported back to Romania) and the different costs related to doctors, treatment and medication were huge for our pocket.
After the second surgery, in January 2009, my son required special care during a whole year, in order to avoid repercussions that could occur without appropriate treatment.
It was imperative to quickly borrow money.
So, to save my son, I was left with many loans made for the two operations, which we could not return on time.
The total amount for the two heavy TCC operations was EUR 20,000.

Although I tried to get some sponsorship, writing emails and letters to over 800 companies and institutions in the country, the result was altogether negative.

The causes of the negative (strange!) from many of these firms, companies, individuals are a specific situation in Romania and I will not present them here and now.

If someone wants explanations on this issue, we will answer directly, on a personal website that is currently under construction and that will be ready very soon.

On that personal public site - for its safety – we are going to keep a daily update on all donations and sponsors. If they choose to, we are going to give their names. On the contrary, if they choose not to have their names published, we will only state the amount and the date the money was sent, according to the bank statements. It is going to be a permanent public control.

Back to the awkward "saga" of gathering money for the operations in 2008 -2009, we persisted. After countless calls and other humiliations, after six years, we managed to fully pay back the cost of the operations in January 2015.

Our son remained in Vietnam. He is a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language.

Unfortunately, on April 26th, 2015, a CT SCAN resulted in a severe situation: his own bone flap attached during the second surgery in January 2009, had not "caught" and it progressively "melts".

This situation is clearly visible in the photography of the skull, taken in the summer of 2015 and attached to this text.

It thus became clear that surgery is needed - CRANIOPLASTY. First, my son needs to undergo a procedure where his own “melted” bone will be removed (surgical REMOVAL).

This means that instead of his compromised flap bone, PROSTHESIS will be mounted.

This means two operations:

FIRST surgery for the removal (ABLATION) or the flap bone and closing the scalp.

A mandatory PAUSE, on medical grounds, for 6 to 12 months

A SECOND surgery for the attachment of the prosthesis made during the 6 to 12 month break

At the moment, the situation is worse than in the past. If he does not have the operation as soon as possible, the situation is bound to be fatal.

The most dangerous would be a sudden brain infection, from inside the bone.

All tests asked for by neurosurgeons from Romania have been done and recorded on a CD CT SCAN in Vietnam, Hanoi, in April 2015.

The WSH and CRP analysis show high levels and white blood cells down. They clearly show an infection.

My son has received treatment for 6 weeks to fight the infection. But the danger still remains, because of the strength of bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics.

The total cost of all phases

Two operations and manufacturing the prosthesis during the two operations, airline tickets, maintaining our son with medication and medical care for (at least) six months in Bucharest, returning to Hanoi for surgery and final positioning of the prosthesis. It totally amounts to about 35 000 Euro.

Now it is urgent to have at least 10.000 EUR for everything related to the first operation until May 10th, 2016

During the break between the two surgeries, there will be time to seek for donations for manufacturing the prosthesis, as well as the second surgery.

The operations will be made in Vietnam, at VIET DHUC Hospital in Hanoi, by the same neurosurgeon, Prof. Dr. Ha, specialized in Paris. He saved our son from death on the night of the accident, in the night of October 1st-2nd 2008, at the same hospital.

The first operation would take place around May 18th, 2016, but no later than May 20th, 2016. We have already bought the airline tickets on the route Bucharest - Hanoi for May 14th, 2016.
Doamne ajuta ! Vali Constantinescu – mama lui Theodor
004 -0743 150 521 SI 004 – 0724 855 382
Cont deschis la Intesa SanPaolo Bank pe numele CONSTANTINESCU THEODOR
CONT in RON la INTESA SANPAOLO BANK : RO 32 WBAN 251 100 00 988 00 520

Vali Constantinescu    4/26/2016


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