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Iron Blood : 300 Years of the Dmitri Kantemir Dynasty


In the course of history, Prince Dmitri Kantemir—also the Prince of Moldavia, Prince of the Russian Empire, Prince of the Holy Roman Empire and Imperial Chancellor to Peter the Great of Russia—lived in forced exile for 22 years. He became a great writer, statesman, scientist, and composer of Ottoman music. His children were prominent in Russian history: Antioch Kantemir became Russia’s first satirist and Maria Kantemir was the last love of Peter the Great.

Centuries later, American Ella Kantemir—a direct descendant of Prince Dmitri Kantemir, researches her ancestry and makes a startling discovery: a number of Kantemir Palaces were confiscated; a stolen heirloom is housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and that her father was hunted by the KGB. Aside from missing castles, art, jewels and land, Ella discovered that she had a living sister —who shared her same name! And, that her own true identity was that of a Princess: “Her Serene Highness Eleonora Borisovna Kantemir.”

What other secrets and surprises did the Kantemir dynasty harbor—and why do mystifying incidents still follow Princess Eleonora Borisovna into the twenty-first century? From the Ottoman Empire to the charms of Moldavia, to the raw romances of Czarist Russia, and the exotic country of Azerbaijan, IRON BLOOD chronicles 300 years of the Kantemir family’s intriguing history.


Eleonora Borisovna Kantemir is the direct descendant of Prince Dmitri Kantemir, Prince of Moldavia, Prince of the Russian Empire, Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, and Imperial Chancellor to Peter the Great.

Her family’s refugee status in the United States compelled her father to stimulate multi-culture awareness, particularly of his time in Russia. After growing up in Connecticut, and working as a flight attendant out of Iceland and New York, Eleonora eventually settled in Los Angeles, where she began the arduous endeavor of researching her family’s past. In time, she visited their former estate, “Tsaritsyno” in Moscow, and found her long lost sister in Azerbaijan, and was informed as to why the Kantemirs had been the target of intelligence operatives. And, she learned that her own true identity was that of a Princess: Princess (Her Serene Highness) Eleonora Borisovna Kantemir.

To learn more about the IRON BLOOD dynasty, or to contact the author, visit: www.IronBlood-TheDmitriKantemirLegacy.com


“Spellbinding!” —Ray Arco, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and voting member of the Golden Globes

“Memoirs are special because they showcase legacy. IRON BLOOD is special in that is it preserves history. A really special book.”——Aura Imbarus, Ph.D., author, Out of the Transylvania Night

“IRON BLOOD is a bold story showcasing the richness of historical events.” —Gary Chafetz, twice nominated for a Pulitzer-Prize by the Boston Globe, and, author of The Search for the Lost Army: The National Geographic and Harvard University Expedition

“IRON BLOOD is a compelling, historical memoir of culture and tradition that seeks to find answers, unleashing three hundred years of intrigue in the process. A story of deep faith and hope.” ——The V. Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse, Sr. Pastor Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church, Los Angeles

“IRON BLOOD: 300 Years of the Dmitri Kantemir Dynasty exposes readers to an epic time from the past where so much went untold—until now. The author, a descendant of Dmitri Kantemir, Princess Eleonora Borisovna Kantemir, takes us on a journey exposing centuries of history, secrets and royal—and not so royal—shenanigans. Enjoy this story—perfect for a mini-series rivaling the likes of Poldark or Downton Abby.” —Lindy Hudis, author of Crashers, and, Producer—Impact Motion Pictures

“From the Ottoman Empire to the charms of Moldavia, to life and times of Czarist Russia, this is a magical book of cultural traditions that entices the lovers of history to learn more.”—Ron Russell, author of Don Carina: World War II Mafia Heroine

“A touching story that brings the past into the present to make sense of the future.”—Marina Giurescu, author of A World Torn Asunder: The Life & Triumph of Constantin C. Giurescu

IRON BLOOD - 300 Years of the Dmitri Kantemir Dynasty is
available at www.Amazon.com
and Barnes and Noble Bookstores.
And to supply your bookstore catalog please contact:


Eleonora Borisovna Kantemir    10/21/2015


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