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What is Reality?

Reality seems to be the elusive perception of what we see, hear, touch or even feel in a particular moment. Or, in the moment, as a last millennium expression. With the exception of a few scientists, scholars and even we, who understand the reality rainbow which includes also parts within our persona - from its 3-D composition to the cells and even thoughts and ideas, it is a miracle when two people can describe their reality to be with the same equal nuances. Hence, the wave and web of innuendos, misperceptions and personal translations of what sums up Life, in a word. Or, is it? The fact that the skeptics - from the illiterate to the advanced geniuses - try to comment on the subject in order to excuse theirs or others' behavior was or is to be expected. Never mind that when pinned down for an absolute clarification of what is the smallest common denomination of what is absolute real or unreal, most seem as a loss of words and, ultimately, shrug. Of course, those of us who search for an absolute truth when trying to communicate even with our own consciousness and sub-consciousness, let alone other's species, do become disappointed when realizing that the appearing multi-colorful rainbow does fluctuate the intensity of its colors as we see them from the earth. Not to mention those we imagine and travel on, willy-nilly.

Hence, if what we perceive as real or reality is only an obscure momentary perception except when under the microscope or natural and electronic sensors, no wonder that our comprehension it diluted and mislead. No wonder, we became mistrustful and want things in writing and recorded. Even then, are the words and their order in a sentence, communicating clearly their meaning? We wish! For, properly dissected, they do not clarify via which language and cultural filter they need to be understood. Could it be a nuance due to a touch of an epigenetic manifestation or even infiltration? For, let us face it, the notion of true reality has been always been perceived of witnessing and reporting objectively how real things were or are experienced, without any personal interpretation, inflection or point of view. On the other hand, can the above exist without balancing certain body chemicals, an astute education and the kind of self-discipline required to keep ourselves in both, physical and mental balance? The logical answer would be 'not without experience!' Experience?! Hmm! If I recall well, my French teacher introduced me to the famous French writer/philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau's book "Emil" reflecting on a youngster's education of what reality meant. Upon demonstrating that even a candle flame can burn one's skin, the student went ahead, nevertheless, and tested it in the tutor's absence. Next time when the tutor came, seeing his pupil's bandaged finger, he asked why he did it. The pupil replied 'because I wanted to be sure!'

I concluded then that if I were to become sure I had to test the waters, so-to-speak. I better start experiencing while still under my parents' roof, for then, it will cost me only fifty percent of pain should it happen, let alone pull me out of dangerous situations. So, for the experience's sake, I started misbehaving to everyone's bewilderment, for they knew I was a 'well-mannered boy' generally speaking. Apparently, only I knew the truth whereby, I still was the same good natured individual, but in order to combat the liars around me, I needed to know and learn the inner truth despite dangerous circumstances from which I escaped by hook or by crook with my father's and a couple of uncle's and the teachers' help. Thus, I learned that many a time the absolute truth is inconvenient in many situations. How could this be? Aren't those in each species supposed to live congenially and help each other? Ouch! Have I been lead to believe wrongly within our so-called civilization, social standing and relationships especially after learning how to read, write and conduct? Definitely, if this is the case, it may be more than a dilemma, if not a full conundrum! So, which portion illustrates the true reality, rather than the one in our or their heads? Curious to solve this situation and after hundreds or thousands of dialogues with humans from all kind of walks, a philosophical conclusion out of their experiences seemed to surface willy-nilly:

What's real? What's reality? Whose reality? On which rainbow path or hue do you travel so that I can adjust or not? The absolute truth and nothing but the truth about what is or isn't real and reality? 'You're not on any drugs, are you?' True, they don't teach this in school! Okay, here it is… It is LIFE, kiddo! Sorry to disappoint you! What? You knew it? Aha, you just wanted to also be sure! I'll be…

By Ray Arco

Volume I - Essays
Editing: Ileana Matac Arco
Hollywood, California

By Ray Arco     5/27/2015


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