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Hot Docs Welcomes 200+ Special Guests to the 2015 Festival

Hot Docs is honoured to welcome a number of guest subjects and 186 directors to the upcoming Festival, April 23 to May 3, to introduce their films and participate in post-screening audience Q&As.


Featured guests are listed below. In most cases, the guests will be present at one or more screenings.

•Tig Notaro from TIG – The Grammy-nominated comedian, actress, and writer.

•Suzanne Crocker and her family from ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD – Filmmaker Suzanne Crocker, her husband Gerard Parsons and their three kids gave up the comforts of modern life for nine months in the remote Yukon wilderness.

•Bernice Steinbaum from BERNICE – An art world pioneer, flamboyant gallerist and enthusiastic artist advocate.

•Anas Aremeyaw Anas from CHAMELEON – A Ghanaian investigative journalist famous for undercover disguises and unorthodox detective methods.

•Irina Margareta Nistor from CHUCK NORRIS VS. COMMUNISM – A Romanian translator and film critic who, under the Communist regime, secretly dubbed thousands of Hollywood films.

•Howie Mandel from COMMITTED – The Canadian comedian, actor, television host and voice actor.

•Danny Williams from DANNY – The charismatic and outspoken ninth Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador.

•Nelida Ayay Chilon from DAUGHTER OF THE LAKE – A young indigenous Andean woman who uses her seemingly mystical powers to defend Mother Earth and Mother Water.

•Andy Greenberg and Lyn and Kirk Ulbricht from DEEP WEB – WIRED senior writer Andy Greenberg and the parents of Ross Ulbricht, the alleged founder of the online black market Silk Road.

•Dan Ariely from (DIS)HONESTY—THE TRUTH ABOUT LIES – A “dishonesty guru,” and professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University.

•Yuki Nakajima from DOGLEGS – A clinically depressed member of a renegade Tokyo wrestling league who seeks recognition and respect despite his invisible disability.

•Curtis Duffy from FOR GRACE – Renowned chef and owner of three-star Michelin restaurant Grace.

•Stan Sakai from FOR THE RECORD – A Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) provider redefining the craft for the next generation.

•Caleb Behn from FRACTURED LAND – A young Aboriginal leader and lawyer struggling to protect his territory in northern British Columbia.

•John Vaillant from HADWIN’S JUDGEMENT – Author of the Governor General’s Award–winning book The Golden Spruce, on which the film is based.

•Cheryl Boone Isaacs, president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, will introduce THE LAST MOGUL.

•Riitta Kujala and Catherine Othieno from LEAVING AFRICA – Friends who bravely risk it all to confront religious leaders on women’s rights and equality in Uganda.

•Conor McCourt from MISSING PEOPLE – A New York State licensed investigator and forensic video professional.

•Terry Jones from MONTY PYTHON: THE MEANING OF LIFE – The British comedian, screenwriter, actor, film director, author, and member of the Monty Python comedy team.

•Nicola Costantino from NICOLA COSTANTINO: THE ARTEFACTA – One of Latin America’s most controversial and admired visual artists.

•Glen Canning and Leah Parsons from NO PLACE TO HIDE: THE REHTAEH PARSONS STORY – The parents of Nova Scotia teen Rehtaeh Parsons.

•Olympic Gold Medal-winning hockey player Charline Labonté, former Major League Baseball player Billy Bean and American college football player Conner Mertens from OUT TO WIN.

•Sister Chris Schenk from RADICAL GRACE – An American nun who records historical proof of the Church’s ancient female leadership to promote equality.

•Ricardo Baca from ROLLING PAPERS – The Denver Post’s first ever marijuana editor and editor of The Cannabist.

•Seth (Gregory Gallant) from SETH’S DOMINION – Canadian cartoonist Seth is best known for his series Palookaville.

•Marah Zahalka and Noor Daoud from SPEED SISTERS – Members of the Middle East’s first all-women race car team.

•Dr. Robert Lustig from SUGAR COATED – An American pediatric endocrinologist specializing in childhood obesity.

•Pras Michel from SWEET MICKY FOR PRESIDENT – The founder of hip-hop group the Fugees, who played a key role in Haiti’s presidential campaign following the 2010 earthquake.

•Claressa Shields from T-REX – The first American woman to win an Olympic gold medal in boxing.

Sandra P.    4/15/2015


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