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Kaleidoscopic extremism.

Au secours ! Help!

The world has gone mad! The same languages don’t mean often the same thing anymore! Semantics got berserk while cultural traditions have become more and more inflexible as a last resort of identification with one’s roots. Let alone minute well-being or tragic memories one might have experienced in childhood or when intimacy wasn’t a threatening danger. Hence, the trail and glide towards a kind of seclusion triggered by a false sense of protection that extremism conveys. And to what end? Whose end? His, hers, theirs, ours?! Under what kind of excuse then for the hidden benefit of those few clever enough to exploit given situations where paranoiac individuals, mostly young and inexperienced, are doped with fake assumptions based on the selfish manipulations of others? Such false mantra using veiled heroism based on subliminal emotions is accepted by them like any induced drug prompted by false logic to appease the deep anger such individuals cannot express otherwise but by becoming the lackeys of those a bit cleverer than they who exploit their own need to boss around. How else would such “leaders” attain undisputable recognition hiding, on one hand, the ignoramus they are, while on the other, disguising it by adopting any cause close to their social status? After all, they are “somebody” who, in the name of any distorted cause; they convince the poor minds and souls to kill the “infidel” and themselves in the process, as an act of heroism! It usually comes spontaneously from within to save someone’s life! Not to maim, hurt and oppress an imaginary opponent like women, for example. These extremists have become a class on their own, however, based on twisted points of reference extracted and/or misinterpreting what gods, saints, popular local, national and world leaders, including clergy, may have written or said. What was or is not to be trusted, especially when beliefs and logic are out of context? And, especially, those from historic distorted legends and the hardship that the lack of civilization and respect for the life and well-being of people must provide.

Au secours! Help!
The global ignoramus is conquering the world like never before and those living still in comfort are afraid to take severe steps to stop it in its track for fear of offending those that don’t give a damn for individual’s liberty of choice as long as no one hurts anybody. And yet, when caught, they demand for their rights! Ha! The German people waited in 1933 by asking themselves how atrocities committed by Hitler’s right wing youth could mesmerized by his vision of creating a pure German race, were so successful? And it happened in a country with such an advanced culture and civilization like Germany! Could be this another war after the atrocious WW-II mayhem? People learn, don’t they? Wrong, for it did happened! Call it educated schizophrenic mentality based on ignorance and false illogical visions of a distorted power-mania that wanted to subjugate the rest of the world by force! A regimented brainwashed pure white race should do! Let alone the motivating greed that doesn’t care about anybody’s future and rights to live decently hidden by accepted politics behavior undermining, nevertheless, the true desires and goals. Only ‘them’ as long they were or are fed. Aren’t animals and other species behaving similarly…?! WE, THE PEOPLE were and are expecting more than just swimming in natural and stolen mud be it of drugs or gold presented by such pseudo-leaders... Who said or sung “Be and let it be”? To be we have no other choices. But let it be! How? At what cost? Whose sake? How about slavery and death? For political satisfaction, trade or bestial fanatics, tell me, please? I am sure that I’m not alone observing the incongruities of faulty interpretation of democratic philosophies which, out of general ignorance and greed, remain inflexible to other successful world experiments which succeeded out of a malleable concept that married both, democracy with socialism, into what we know as social-democracy benefiting everyone and keeping the money barons and barracudas under an agreeable balanced control! Shall we actually forget why revolutions happen and take part? Shall we forget that as civilized one may be, when hunger strikes and our loved ones are about to die from malnutrition, we turn into animals hunting for food and justice? Not wealth, but JUSTICE! Let alone that even in our beloved America, the way we live today has been conquered and tricked into by all kind of secret manipulations, for the majority of us have not been born with a silver spoon! And, yet, with the embedded deep sense of respect for one another and liberty of choice... Choice!? We oppressed people by rigorous traditions and local cultures, entrenched customs and actually believed and fought WW-II to defend, preserve and even bring it to other economics. And yet, even today we still have racism worldwide. The hatred of those strangers who are not “like us” is endlessly! And, let us face it: where is it written that our neighbors must be “like us”? Who the heck are we to impose such nonsense and nor respect and enjoy the diversity of the colorful of others? Oh, yes, each one of us does emanate various hues! For, when a faction – clan or gang - tries to subjugate the rest of the country in order to fill their pockets way and beyond what social decency dictates, it is not alright! Of course, despicable behavior happens in other countries as well, but not to the extent that political or economic dictatorship imposes not for the benefit of the masses, but for their singular benefits not carrying for the people around… Can one imagine what would happen if even for on day, consumers around the world would stop buying of Coca-Cola, or other multi-national brands? And yet, except for token charities and expensive brain-washing publicity, most businesses will do just about anything to cater to their own pockets, let alone their stock-holders carrying only for their own dividends and profits. Apparently, words such as balanced wealth, congeniality, compassion and love of Humanity, have disappeared from their dictionaries. So, what demands can we have of those giving up the above when others try to erase them in exchange of ridiculous promises resulting in with the growth of angry extremism led by the cult ideologies of a few. And yet, we must not despair, because even bubbling extremism can dilute and with time erode, implode or explode.

Au secours! Help!
And now, an interesting truth: the Western Civilization is challenging extremism more than ever due to an explosion of brainwashed ignorant individuals who rather kill, destroy and die in lieu of trying to remedy current trades of ignorant and poverty status exploited by bullying gangs, police, politicians, developers, work bosses but, wait a minute… how about one’s growing lack of trust reduced only to traditional family ties or childhood or army buddies, while anybody else’s suggestions are perceived as a danger to current preservation crudely earned by hook or by crook? And, like with anything else human, social connectivity roots depend only on basics with little to distinguish the animalistic survival intuitions and reactions. Hence, fed up with a dark status-quo discarded and, perhaps, homeless within the gutters, they still need to be acknowledged and recognized as human beings. Nevertheless that whenever a light of any hope provenance appears, they are attracted to find out if there is a better future much further than that! Would it lead to a more fruitful comfortable life? Would it feed the needs for the natural inner and then, the outer pleasures? True, everybody needs something at different times though always based on the universal safety and security common denominator! Can it be obtained only by hurting others out of a fantasized revenge against Humanity? For, extremists seem they have absolutely no understanding of what humanity is all about and what a role everyone plays on this Earth. Let alone that while the physical body needs may exercise certain demands, they may not be, somewhat in tune with those of the mind. Let alone the rest of the society’s seven billion members! It is like when great minds and talents don’t know how to appreciate the opportunity of doing and conducting the business of their lives! Sciences purport that things do not just disappear. This includes the common denominator around the world including the human spirit. Everything is recycled or replaced apparently to maintain the Earth’s balance in the Universe. For, once we feel satisfied with an item or feeling that we discovered or adopted and got attached to after a lot of time and effort to find and save it. We desire to replenish their loss almost in a perpetual mobile. It is parallel to various degrees in all of us. This is what a civilized society aspires to in an orderly fashion by obliterating the fear of others. Unfortunately, in itself, it barely acknowledges the humanity of things and their causes, its interest being swept by day-to-day horizontal solutions, rather than long term vertical ones that ultimately would have diminished, if not erase, a gangrenous cancer growth that extremism provides.

Au secours! Help!
From one point on, it becomes very difficult to disengage and take care of things that many a time takes years and at least one generation to absolve. Thus, the question of what kind of leaders do we elect? Those subjugated by the selfish interest of their parties? If so, we are in dear need for drastic reforms and the sooner the better, before the poor and the hungry can’t take it anymore! And we have some 40 million of those in our adorable America! When in a jungle and a poisonous snake bites, we place a sharp knife’s blade over fire and hurry to cut and burn the bitten spot in order to kill infection. So, what’s going on? The WW-II lasted only a few years by comparison to Afghanistan or Pakistan and, of course, the Syrian and now the ISIS anomaly which surpasses any logical belief that we stood by when it appeared and now it has become a tragedy! Civilizations have their limits too and, since the quarreling parties don’t wear the same gloves, why trice to educate them at the cost of our dead worriers? And yet…like all species, they are envious and want what they don’t have. I lived under almost every kind of governments and systems: royalty, dictatorships (Nazis, communism, republican, religions of various kinds, military, cults, etc.). On other behavioral patterns phenomena, some of which are more congenial with other species than with us, the humans. How is this possible, a logical mind would ask, forgetting perhaps, that logic and other recognitions are in the eyes of the beholder? True, we individuals have variable tastes at different time and under diverse circumstances. Hence, why does it take a major disaster, natural or otherwise, to get us together and work in consortium to survive?

Au secours! Help!
Is the Humanity cancer so advanced and without a remedy? Maybe for this generation of ignoramus! How about the future ones? They should be more educated, more aware of the humanity of things and the world we leave in beyond the unscrupulous economic barracudas and politicians who, if stripped of their wealth and status, would probably remember that they belong to the community of Man in as much as we do remember, willy-nilly. Okay, the above is the summary of what this +/- 5,700 years old “young man” has gone and is going through observing how we waste the goods that this life has given us while on Earth. And, believe you me: there is no substitute for Life! As for the cancer that the ignorant present us with, can’t we, really, deal with it like we deal with any epidemics? Why not treat ignorance as an epidemic? How many more millions of innocent children and people as a whole need to die at the hands of the ignoramus and politics? We were and are involved in many wars threatening our well-being and security. Why not a war on, ignorance?

Au secours! Help!

Essays - Vol I
Editing: Ileana Matac Arco
Hollywood, California

©by Ray Arco    11/14/2014


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