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We, The People?

When I read the first time the American Constitution that started with WE, THE PEOPLE, the three words affected me suddenly in multiple ways. Like WE seemed to include me as well! Then, THE meant and it referred only to humans, thus PEOPLE, each and every one of us as individuals and collectively! Correctly, we are quite a bunch separate from the other species with unique spirits, special talents and feelings. Though, with similar brains and bodies, our minds are, nevertheless, solely our own individually! What followed seemed to be the natural factor that enhanced the awareness of our rights, first to live unoppressed by others, for none had the right to own and subjugate us to their whimsical viciousness and inhuman conditions, physically, psychologically or otherwise. Think of it: we’ve actually been born in the same way: free to choose in the pursuit of our individual well-being and happiness, even if that translated in a myriad ways. For, after all, we are part of the nature’s dynamics with its qualitative make up and physical impurities. Impurities? Does this include beauty and ugliness? Kindness and meanness? Temperament and laziness? Love and hate? Just to name a few of the situations I experienced while growing up and which, most probably, applies to every one of the human species. True, due to the surroundings in which we were born and to what kind of parents, our affinities could grow in a congenial balanced way capable of facing the lottery of circumstances dealt willy-nilly by life. Poverty and ignorance certainly doesn’t help much. Nor does it coming from a wealthy household, for what we are dealt having been born, may or may not change along the way given the circumstances that any of us or around us, seldom can control. Money may just cushion a bit by facilitating a smoother landing, so-to-speak.

So, yes, WE, THE PEOPLE. turns to be addressed to all of us, a variety of individualists whose behavioral patterns phenomena depends greatly on our DNA‘s alertness, education and, of course, life experience with its ups and downs. Well, not too far away from the other species that stick together but have not affinities and the degree of intelligence we have been granted. And yet, instead of using these natural gifts as a platform from which to launch great innovative ideas and social ambiance, many of WE, THE PEOPLE, squatter it in favor of personal desires and the craziness of having more and more pleasure to the detriment of many others with whom they didn’t bond while growing up. Wait a minute, I thought that we all humans are bonded by the mere fact that we are humans and as such respect each other’s needs. Not true? Hmm! And yet,

I and many others encountered cannot concur that we are nevertheless still similar to the other species’ simplicity trying to impose their bestiality given the lack of understanding that humans, somewhat similar in the ways they give birth, are different on an upper scale of intelligence, feelings and social consciousness than the other species. And as such, while the other species kill in order to eat as a must to survive, humans are, somehow different, as our make up responds to a larger thinking brain which enjoys life beyond just eating, killing or being killed. Great! But how many of the plus or minus seven billion people on Earth – in the last count – are really aware of that? The Social Sciences tell us that the best WE, THE PEOPLE can do is to educate ourselves and balance the abnormalities imposed upon us by, yes, unwarranted circumstances, including our fellow homo sapiens. Sure, some of us are more gifted than the others, but to what purpose if not educated to handle such gifts? Recognition that education brings power and open certain doors, does seem to be the conclusion of many, but how to get there and discern what kind of education, it’s a tough choice when special interests interfere. Currently ignorance that feeds the bestiality in many has showed its true colors and millions of WE, THE PEOPLE died in wars or similar criminal actions decided by a few in the name of their interpretation of honor, justice, poverty and wealth, let alone the hunger for power. Yes, absolute power at that! For, their commonwealth status wasn’t or isn’t good enough for them. And while some of them still persist that they are part of WE, THE PEOPLE, their deeds don’t show any compassion and subscribe to continuing enslaving and brainwashing the others to help them gain the power they believe it’s the ultimate goal to supreme dictatorship; thus, having an excuse to kill or maim anyone in their wake! Truth being told, it started long time ago. And yes, WE, THE PEOPLE tried and still try to ameliorate this part of the animalistic trend whereby, but lecturing doesn’t seem to help. A war on ignorance might help though, especially if we convey to our kids early in their age, the absolute truth that could ultimately awaken a deeper sub-consciousness leading to an appropriate conscious awareness that all of us are equal, not beasts. And, yet…

The trouble is, that in our nature, we crave to be recognized by just anybody, other species included, that we’re and even they, are special! For our and their individuality needs being helped accordingly by the fellow peers like us and even like them, at least during our short time staying on Earth. Hence, WE, THE PEOPLE, have the lucky chance to prolong our blessings, so-to-speak, and double the enjoyment of having the pleasure of being alive. Come on, guys, we’re together in this, hopefully more for good than for bad. Is WE, THE PEOPLE becoming a mythology or, it has already achieved this status?

* * *

Essays - Vol I
Editing: Ileana Matac Arco
Hollywood, California

©by Ray Arco    10/1/2014


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