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AHA! Inc.

Lately, we hear in reports or conversations, people referring to a special moment in which they finally understood its point, thus bursting with the an elated: "AHA!" It is that very moment when one realizes that something not clear before, suddenly became crystal clear. An awareness ball-like lit awakening that prompts both thought and exclamation and even a slap on the forehead, that we’ve got it within the context exposed! A lightning joy that we finally understood the meaning and innuendo of what was conveyed to us; its logic continuity and the expectation for a conclusive reply or comment, so that the conversation can continue to its culmination and satisfaction that the point made has reached its optimum result: full comprehension and conclusion! For some people, once such satisfaction has been achieved, either it stops there for whatever reason or it opens other ephemeral windows and doors within the celestial layers that the brain and the mind concoct on their ways of being a creative entity: Summus Cum Summus towards Summa Cum Laude try, given the multitude of information input, its triage, or, waiting in line for clarification and assignment. Hmm…really? AHA! Got it! It was there all the time, but for one reason or another we lacked its perception that would lead to full awareness of what was being said and the point made. Really! For what is the use of talking in an effort of sharing a “point”, if its full destination it’s not reached via whichever circumstantial language we use? For, after all, the ultimate goal is to communicate, be understood and, if lucky, not being maimed or killed for it!

There is no present or future without the fabric culture and such points of reference. Neither the brain’s neurons and sparkles and their momentary companions, cannot instigate and direct the ideas leading to absolute comprehension, so that their combined status may ease their paths leading to our experiencing that surprising AHA! momentum and effect. Hence, our duty and actual necessity, is to trace or retrace the incubating sources that lead continuum the process that select ideas which, for the moment at least, could be assembled and positioned so that the conscious or subconscious facilitates an AHA! conclusion, could be the trigger towards the creativity’s spawn into a logical organized project worthwhile funding eventually. Hmm… come to think of it, it has to do with the attractive assembly of ideas into formats that, by their unification and positioning, interact giving birth to expected, or unexpected, dynamics necessary to any action and especially the innovative ones. Thus, the delirium of trying to instigate and, eventually group, the AHA!-s from wherever they manifest globally. For, unless are aware of such a necessity in order to advance our creative base, its resulting economics may collapse or gain the kind of competitive edge difficult to reach by others unless they use treacherous devices. AHA!!! By gulley, I’ve got it!

Hence, the roll of Commercial Intelligence which, combined with the political one, may lead to misperceptions and their consequences affecting all of us. To what positive or negative ways that empower some to lead us into the oblivion due to theirs and our ignorance and true motivation? For, many humans believe that one’s type of dressing affects individuals to behave in a certain way, rather than vice-versa. Really?! Hmm… Given the reality’s factors we observe around, except for the climate’s imposition that we dress one way or another to comfort us, there is no point in faking such exposure. For, after all, the neurons and sparkles in our brain are naked and react quite in panic if anyone tries to “dress” them with anything like pot, coke, alcohol, greed, etc., and even love. LOVE? AHA!… In what context may we ask? For, in its companionship, we are somewhat hazed, blinded and overwhelmed (if not drunk) with a rainbow of emotional degrees interrupting the brain’s neurons and sparkles’ congeniality affecting the specific nerve tips’ almost instant reaction making us… nervous and twitch. We must be true, nonetheless, that even within the cosmos of such extraordinary situations, exceptional innovative ideas can and do escape producing the creative impulse seed sufficient to grow into a multi-national endeavor. Too bad, however, that few are those who understand that without the rest of us they could not become rich or sustain the wealth they accumulate. And thus, the revolutions. Just imagine where they would be if their globally distributed products would not be bought for just one day! WOW!… such toxic relationship dictates the daily war on ignorance that many dismiss as necessary until, that is, by their own action or inactions, they conflict with their own happiness and that of those around them, without realizing that cultural heritage and education go hand in hand at all levels of society and humanity. AHA!!!

Innuendos – Vol. I
Editing: Ileana Matac Arco
Hollywood, California

© Ray Arco    1/16/2014


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