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I am the only one left
Who knows the name of a fish merchant
Who sold fish for a living
In a Bucharest market
Almost one hundred years ago,
So much for eternity…

His name was Marin
And I never saw his face
And I never smelled his sweat
Or touched his body,
So much for eternity…

I only know that he caught fish
For a living
And he had children
And he had a wife
And many times he doubted God
So he must have known
What love is
What pain is
What life is

I am the only one left
Who knows that Marin died
In his sleep
Because of a weak heart
And when they buried him
The priest promised
Remembrance forever,
So much for eternity…

I am the only one left
Who knows that Marin
Has never known his grandchild
And stroked his hair
And patted his back
And said: I’ll show you how to catch fish

Because I am that grandchild
And he was my grandfather
And I never saw his face
And I never smelled his sweat
Or touched his body,
So much for eternity…

Incomparable Wonders

She wants me to go to China
And Egypt
And Italy
To see what is left
After the history streamed down
Like a stormy river
Into the cosmic nothingness
Of the stone

She wants me to go
To the beginnings and the ends of the planet
To see the wonders of the world
When the wonders are a few blocks away
The trees in the ravine,
Or a few meters away
The leaves of grass in the back of my house
Made from the cosmic nothingness
Of the stone

And sometimes the wonders
Barge into my home
Noisily, annoyingly, detestably
Like that fly on the ceiling
With the structure of its wings
More complex than one thousand pyramids

What do I say?
One million pyramids
One trillion pyramids
The black hole
Of incomparable wonders

The wings of that fly
Hide the genius of something
Or somebody
The people call The Creator
When they run out
Of logical explanations
Or they had enough of being wrong
Constantly wrong

What do I say?
One million geniuses
One trillion geniuses
The black hole
Of incomparable wonders

Still with Us

All these billions of people
Who lived and died
Since there was a beginning
For living and dying
They are still with us
On this tiny planet
A luminous speck of dust
In a cold, endless cosmic pit

Nobody left the planet
They only moved
In other shapes
In other forms

And Napoleon
And Einstein
And my grandfather
Are all now
A tree
A leaf
A sandy strip on the beach
A gust of wind
The tail of a cloud
A couple of hairs on your head

Nobody ever left the planet
Or vanished
Into the cold, endless cosmic pit
They are all with us
Sailing together
The soundless waves of time

Oakville / On March 2013

Anton Georgescu    3/17/2013


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