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Iolanda Scripca - freelance poet, photographer and journalist.

1. Where are you from ? Tell about where and how you were raised you schooling etc a good insight to your upbringing and back ground

I was born in the capital of Romania - Bucuresti - in a loving family. Both my parents came to this Metropolis from Moldavia (which is in the North-eastern part of Romania) to pursue their post-graduate degrees. My mother was a High School principal, Social Studies- Economics Teacher, and a cultural promoter. My father was a radio and TV producer, a published writer, poet, and playwright.
Although I grew up under the Communist and Dictatorial regime, the first twenty-four years of my life were influenced by a rich cultural life - thanks to my parents. I will never forget either the once- a -week literary evenings organized by my mother in our house, where poets and artists took turns reading their creations or the high quality performances we attended at the National Theater, Opera, Operetta, and the National Comedy Theater - all of them being so close to our condominium. My childhood was full of ballet, French and violin lessons…(only my Mom knew of the sacrifice she had to endure to give my brother and me these enrichment classes…)
Perhaps the contradiction between the freedom of expression and creativity I was exposed to in my family’s household and the outside world of a rigid and closed society where God was being replaced by an ubiquitous personality cult of a leader (who forgot he was just a human being) made me feel like “ a hummingbird in prison”…

I have a BA in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Linguistics from the University of Bucuresti, Romania and a California Teaching Credential - Multiple Subject - from ChapmanUniversity, Orange, CA.

I spent half of my life in Eastern Europe and half in Southern California, USA.

2. What is or was your career ?

Perhaps I took something of value from both my parents: I taught for many years in a private, Catholic school in Southern California and, nowadays, I am a Freelance poet, photographer and journalist.

3. What is it at work that most motivates you ?

I prefer teaching elementary school children as they remind me of the eternal purity of Childhood - which I value so very much.

As a Freelance photographer I capture the beauty of Nature when the Sun makes my eyes aware of it, as a poet - my heart lets me know when I should grab a pen, as a journalist - Life and Human Nature incite me…

4, How long Have you been and How Did you come to be a member of the Private members only Alliance ?

About two years ago I was on another poetry website and got to know some very talented poets and their work. Later I started searching and reading their biographies which led me to the Writers and Poetry Alliance. I was so very fortunate to be accepted as a member of such a distinguished creative group.

5.Have you ever won anything or been awarded anything in life?

One of my photos was awarded the best photo in the San Diego Reader Magazine, One of my travel articles on the Monasteries of Moldavia, Romania was recognized as one of the best, most informative articles and I even got paid for it. Hurray!

I got the third place in the International Poetry Competition of Poetry Soup (got $45.00:)

You ask me if I won anything? I won the most precious gift - recognition - among my fellow writers both here, in the States, and internationally.

6. How did your interest in writing poetry begin?

I was only four years old when my nanny brought me back home after hours of playing in the old CismigiuPark in Bucuresti, Romania. Mom met me at the door, took off my raincoat and checked its pockets for pebbles and other souvenirs I used to bring home from the park. This time, though, it was different. She took out a withered leaf, a leaf in a shape of a heart as big as my both little hands put together. I jumped and told my Mom I must keep it and that the leaf was the letter from the Wind I had expected all my life ( all four years of it.)...Since that day my Mom saved all my little metaphors and poems in a red note book I still have…

7.Have you published any books or been featured in any?

An unforgettable moment was my first collaboration with my Dad in the translation and adaptation of a children's book by the Bulgarian author Leda Mileva. I was eighteen years old. I have been publishing for years now in both English and Romanian magazines, e-zines, and newspapers: e.g. New York Magazin (the newspaper of the Romanian Community from New York), Merididanul Romanesc (the Los Angeles newspaper), Observatorul (the Romanian newspaper in Toronto, Canada), Ken”Again ( the US literary e-zine), Sketchbook - the international poetry site and, of course, in the lovely anthologies published by Pat Simpson.

"Lava Of My Soul" is my collection of poetry and essays available at Barnes & Noble.com, Amazon.com and at www.scripca.com -if you order from my site you’ll get the book with my autograph J.

“ Rootless Soul Naked” is my recently published Nook Book that can be downloaded from bn.com (Barnes & Noble.com) for only 2.95 I think. It is a collection of poetry and photography.

8. How did you come up with your book titles and who designed the books covers?

I know when it is time to write the moment I feel the “Lava of My Soul” starting to erupt…I, as the author, was asked to express an idea of a cover for my book. I chose a photo of a sunset I took in Maui…and, then, the publishing house created the cover adding their artistic touch.

The cover for my Nook Book was created by me: “ Rootless Soul Naked” - the title was inspired by a photo I took on the coast of the Pacific…

9 Have you any preferred style of poetry that you like to write in… ?

I prefer FREE VERSE, the seemingly FREE but full of the rhythm of the surf of the Pacific ocean, the melody of the Danube river recounting a long story starting from the German Black Forest to the Romanian Black Sea, FREE to express happiness and sorrows in concentrated pills of imagery and metaphors…

My second but not less liked forms are Haiku and Senryu: a challenge to express a major idea or feeling in so very few words…

10. What do you think of the alliance is it a good place for writers/ poets to be?

The Alliance reminds me of the cultural evenings my Mom used to organize at our place: one feels relaxed among fellow poets/friends. It has a positive, close atmosphere regardless of distance or origins.

11. If you could change anything in your own life what would it be…. ?

I would love to have a job so I could travel the world for inspiration…there is so much beauty, so much to write about but so very little time…I guess I am a Restless Soul that senses so much potential…

12. If you could make a wish and have it come true what would it be… ?

…as I continue the idea of the previous question I would love to document Beauty for the younger generation, a generation that seems so detached and “computerized”…I wish my creations would awaken and move their sensitivity and humanity…for a better world.

13. If you had the chance to live your life again what era would you like it to be in past or future and why?
I would like to live in the past when “Romeos” would serenade me and love was pure, where respect, marriage and virtue were not disposable and where benefactors would allow me to get inspired and to write (lucky Shakespeare!). But, again, that era would have to have bottles of purified drinking water, shampoo, TV and …interior plumbing …J

14. Are there any special words of advice that you would like to see acted upon by the next generation?


Respect and value your elderly! - they are not an “inconvenient” part of your past but a treasure of experiences and advice. As we study history so we can understand the present and predict the future your parents are part of your past, present and future. You believe you can ignore them and live your life…? You’ll wake up one morning and you’ll feel eternally and irrevocably empty…

15 What is the final word you would like to say to the reader… ?

I will always welcome you inside my Soul by reading my future poems and sharing my photography.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending some moments of your life with … me!

Thank you, dear reader and thank you, dear Pat!

Love always,

Iolanda Scripca is
Writers and Poetry Alliance Member


Hub P.    9/16/2011


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