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Contradictions ...

It is said that that “time fugit” quicker than our steps. It is also said that, were it not for something, nothing would happen. And yet, there are those waiting for Mr. Godot, while others remain in contradiction with themselves not realizing that, recognizing this very fact, it acknowledges their consciousness. Hence, they continue to hope for something to happen living such factor to Fate, Destiny, Karma or those pretending to be the direct connection to any God, somewhere there, in the nowhere of the cosmos. As agnostic as one may be, we still do use expressions denoting the possible existence of the All Mighty in every shape or form acknowledged by such expressions as “Oh, my God!” or shorter “Oh, God!”. Then, follows “Jesus Christ!” or just “Jesus!” Why not “Moses”, “Buddha” or “Mohamed”, it bits me! Could it be that single syllables words are more conducive as an expression of surprise, disillusionment, pain, mishap, wondering, concern and admiration of the unique beauty we may find when least expected; or from the magnitude of nature and the naked body, to the colorful rainbow and exotic vegetation? Aren’t they equal with the simple sounds of “ah!” wow! and “oh!”-s? Once, a young octogenarian alerted me that there is more to go for than lament about memories of the past. And then, why lament at all? Experiences were good and bad ones coupled with outrageous, paranoid and poetic times. Constrained by free like a bee, though, bees have their own natural regimentation like most of the fauna around us, be it man or beast for that matter! And all in contradiction with a logical scientific pattern of expected behavior which, especially we humans, should be cognizant of. But, are we? Of course not, for selfishness reins in most societies and groups!

Some people say that without contradiction we would not enjoy being stimulated enough to get out of our skin and combat the trespassing entitiesethically and morally - by giving way to a whole notion of hypocrites or a hippocratic society we really do not want to belong to. And yet, many vote for them knowingly that politicians, especially, are in cahoots with the rich, behave like that. For they think that otherwise they may lose the powers they stole, anyhow! Were it through transparency and honest to goodness appeal, they won’t need to be super protected by non-conscript guards to keep away the disgruntled, the greedy envious and those left out by our so called civilized society. True, these days, most of us need to be guarded from abuse by fellow men and the business goons who think that money or their creed is everything, even by enslaving the rest of us. Quite unacceptable, we should say! After all, we elected some to speak for us. But, do they? So, why do we put up with it? And, for how long? These things should not happen anywhere, but they do and did throughout history! Whether out of apathy or ignorance, we’re standing still. Some blame bad timing, circumstances, old age and so on… Bull, we’ll say! For this to happen, especially in the United States of America and give voice to the politician radical bullies, is the greatest contradiction of all!

Some say that we, humans, are incorrigible! Somehow, I refuse to believe that all of us are of bad seed to the core for; I know myself and others like me who cannot fathom such a world. And yet, we are more apart than together and this is a contradiction! Could the culprit be our own DNA? True, when a tsunami or other major tragedies happen, it magnetize us and remind us that after all, we belong to the same family of humans who suffer or rejoice, who have the same needs and who believe in the freedom of the Spirit and the Soul as if they are tangible things. So, what is it that keeps us apart even during peace time? Ignorance, for one thing. Then, there is greed, envy, and jealousy, lack of a viable conscience, emptiness of purpose and those who profit from all of that by camouflaging their dubious activities while just giving away some petty money and perks. All these human trends are unthinkable with other species. And not because they have smaller brains, but because they accept Nature as it has been handed to them in its full splendor. They understand each other’s needs and respect that. They even help achieving it. No taboos, except for the territory they room in and want to protect it, at least temporarily. No contradiction there!

As for those exceptions that we encounter almost every step, it makes us mirror ourselves and feel embarrassingly shy that we are not more humane than expected. More open to ourselves first and then with the others for, where it not for an ignorant society to claim supremacy, we would not have any secrets or be ashamed for one thing or another. Giving good examples if for the heroes, we think.

I escaped the Nazis, the Communists and other gorillas from beating me because I made them laugh at their own absurdity! I had to be funny, because my well being and that of others was at stake. It is then when I realized that humanity prevails in most cases. In spite of that, however, the bad seeds in our nature are still mischievous and depending on their degree of crudeness and lack of compassion that we accept them or not. Though, why accept them at all? That in itself is a contradiction that we cannot and should not deny!

Innuendos – Vol I
Editing: Ileana Matac Arco
Hollywood, California

© by Ray Arco    9/6/2011


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