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God's concern

We, on this Planet Earth, haven’t been able to figure out for sure what makes natural disasters happen. You know the kind that annihilates thousands and millions of inhabitants and leaves us speechless and ready to convert our compassion into deeds to help the misfortunate. Anywhere, from scorched land without the rains that turns millions hungry, to severe earthquakes and burning lava swallowing our habitat. If we add to this the many wars maiming and killing people individually, in groups or nationwide by the millions, it adds up, but not exactly. Why? Because many still remain unaccounted for a variety of convenient reasons. Historians, scientists, philosophers and other illuminates would describe it as a cause of the human’s imperfection while politicians, and those behind them, just shrug. We could assume that God knew when He urged the making of the Noah’s Ark to save all He created two-by-two and that each had its own personality. Or did He, but was not too concerned at the time, because the inundation that followed also strengthened the notion of humanity. Or did it? Alas, even so, it did not last for long because as soon as people survived the natural disaster, they went about their own selfish way and the notion of humanity dissipated accordingly.

Hence, the skirmishes, the quarrels, the envy, the jealousy and, most of all, the prevailing ignorance feeding these elements as part of our so called humanity. Or is it? Grant you, we all need our corner to retreat, rest or even raise a family though, once we achieve that, others try to dislocate us for one reason or another. So, either we leave our habitat or fight to keep it! Ultimately, we get a taste of it and gang on the weak. If that is not enough, we become a political party in order to impose our will. And if that is not enough, then we form movements that terrorize both, the opponents and the innocent who simply want to leave in peace. And if that is not enough, we go to war and maim each other without keeping count of consequences. Need I go way back to the Greeks who invented the notion of democracy and the Romans’ autocracy? Or, even beyond that, when only the power of the muscles dictated the faith of the rest of the clans? Not to mention that, as of late, what good is it trying to dominate one people by force when years later it can become a welcome tourist attraction like in Japan, Vietnam, Germany, for example, and other so called God's forgotten places? Of course, this is only a way of saying it because of their distance more than anything else. For, I cannot imagine that God would be more concerned about one group of people than another, if only because the higher one goes, the more one can see and have a comprehensive overview of the Planet Earth and its inhabitants. How else we could have achieved from miles up to zoom in on where does one lives? And yet, the legend about the Israelites being God’s chosen people does persist. Does it help being labeled as such? Now, that needs clarification!

With time, most people not understanding the power of Faith, needed to hang on something or someone above them that they could confess to in secrecy. Believing that

religion would deliver them from pain and the ugliness of others; they adopted their own religions - leading to the Greek and the Roman trusting their own organized gods. That proliferated to those few of us who had and have special sensibilities performing so called incomprehensible deeds that the mass labeled as miracles. Furthermore, those who had it, as well as the copy cats, dressed in a particular way while adopting a certain theatricality about their behavior in order to be more visible. With time, those qualities turned to be the very root of movements - unions included in all due respect - whose wide spread ignorance found that being united as a multitude, it meant power and once one got a taste of that, it was and still is difficult to let it go. Hence, all the manipulations, emasculations, treachery and means gathered to deceive and conquer the weak. Some of it was trying to find a deeper explanation for the major wars that also led to the WW-I, WW-II and the following ethnical deadly skirmishes still prevailing. Let alone the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis, besides the many other millions murdered and maimed in the name of one thing or another. None of which being even compared with the many people left behind to no avail when the Noah’s Ark started to float. Or, how about those ignorant extremists high jacking one cause or another because of misguided interests whose interpretation or misinterpretation became and persists to be their view and dedication to save the world? By whose appointment? And all this in the name of the Old or the New Bible, the Koran, Mein Kempf, the Communist Manifesto, a selfish dictator, a drug lord, the head of a multi-national consortium, a mad general, a head of a particular religious group or another, and even God? Whose God? The children and many of us want to know!

Ad there lays God’s concern, especially today. Not only must He manage and deal with the Universe’s whims not to crash into each other, but the Planet Earth’s natural disasters. After all, its over six billion human inhabitants, let alone the other species roaming around, are the consequence of His doing. Or, is it? That is, if we really want to put the blame on Him alone rather than on our own misconstrued behavior. Hence, fed up with the skirmishes on Earth, God convoked the Class-A Saints - like Moses, Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, and others - so that he could get a better grasp of the inner doings on Earth that might have escaped Him up there. After all, humans’ reports are subject to interpretation and misperception, and God wanted clear-cut facts in order to make an educated decision. Perhaps, they could figure together how to go about stopping all the nonsense that emulated from certain interested parties who manipulated the masses of people to believe that their religion is better than any other. Not only this, but subjugate and kill in its name, given that their persisting ignorance could not contribute to their inner advancement and compassion sophistication that one needs to reach his or her own God. For, just to hypnotize oneself to pray blindly does not really help long term. The problem is that the holly consortium of the Grade-A Saints never came up with a viable solution as to why do we continue to kill and maim each other! Maybe a total War on Ignorance can solve such dilemma and let God concentrate solving the natural disasters?

Come to think of it, isn’t the prevailing Ignorance an almost natural disaster? For, it affects not only the uneducated, but also those who achieved high positions in our society. Hence the question: At what price our so-called Civilization?

As for myself, I am a man of faith. Maybe not so religious yet, nevertheless, a man who believes that humanity can prevail even in… humans!

Innuendos – Vol I
Editing: Ileana Matac Arco
Hollywood, California

©by Ray Arco    3/7/2010


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