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Romanian trade and economy on foreign markets in Canada ( Nov 1 - Nov 9, 2008 )



Alexandru Borcea / President
ARIES is the association of electronics and software companies of Romania and aims at promoting and protecting the Romanian IT and electronic business environment, as well as the professional and commercial interests of its members. ARIES is the most influential factor of the electronics and software industry in Romania. ARIES has more then 280 members and is the largest IT&C association in Romania.

ARIES has developed a national strategy to increase the Romanian hi-tech potential and two strategies on turning Romania into an important software producer and exporter globally and research funds redirection towards the SMEs.
There are considered the next types of activities:

The achievement of long term cooperation connections with associations from other countries;
The organized participation at exhibitions from the other countries
The participation at economical missions and previous preparing of these actions as also to prepare the firms for a better presentation;
The resources used for these actions in witch ARIES is involved are:
Company and products directories;
CD of presentation;
Informational system - Internet;
Studies and statistics.
Major events organized by ARIES:
o BINARY - software national fair (Interval: 1 year; Location: Bucharest)

o EXPO-SIITME - electronic national fair (Interval: 1 year; Location: Bucharest)



Marian Topologeanu / Head of Department

Established in 1960 as a research- design institute for automation, IPA SA has kept until now its main profile: research & development, design, production, assembling, service and consultancy of automation and IT equipments and installations, in industry, environmental protection, services for citizen.

After 1990, IPA has become a trading company on shares, maintaining its profile. Since 1997, IPA has a flexible structure, becoming more efficient and more profitable. At the present time, IPA is an integrally private company, which has implemented and maintains a quality system according with the SR-EN-ISO 9001:2001 standard. Through its subsidiaries situated in the main cities of Romania(Cluj, Craiova, Galati), IPA SA successfully covers the Romanian territory in its field of activity.

IPA SA deals mainly in R & D activities, in Romanian (PNCDI) programs and internationally ( FP6, TTQM-PHARE, EUREKA, Leonardo da Vinci etc.) financed projects.

IPA has initiated and organizes international conferences/symposiums, such as:

E -COMM- LINE 2007(Bucharest, annually, the 7th edition in 2006)
AQTR 2006 (THETA 15) (Cluj- Napoca, one in 2 years, the 15th edition in 2006)
SINTES 2007 (once in 2 years, the 12th edition in 2005)
Open Forum for Innovation and Technological Transfer (Bucharest, annually, the 6th edition in 2007)
H2_FUEL_CELLS_MILLENIUM CONVERGENCE (Bucharest, annually, the first edition in 2007)
Open Forum for Innovation and Technological Transfer (Bucharest, annually, 6thedition in march 2007) and
Participates at fairs and exhibitions : TIB, HANNOVER, MESSE EUREKA-BRUSSELS, etc




Danut Bucur / Director

This government organization co-ordinates and promotes Romanian trade and economy on foreign markets, including:

§ Developing Romania’s trade policy and strategy

§ Promoting Romanian goods and services for export

§ Providing supporting to Romanian companies overseas

§ Negotiating trade and economic agreements



Mihaela Simion / Counsellor

RTPC is a public institution with national scope, having as main object of activity the export promotion, the presentation of Romanian economic potential, the creation of market research, and the editing of specialized publications, in compliance with Romanian Government directions concerning the development of economic relations.

RTPC provides information to Romanian companies regarding the external business environment and opportunities for export, as well as international trading procedures and regulations.

Moreover, RPTC focuses on the enhancement of trade promotion activities, the improvement of trade-related information services, trade assistance and consultancy and training support, the expansion of the representative offices network across the country and abroad, and the strengthening of partnerships with trade promotion organizations and entities at national, regional and international levels.


Dan Petre / President

Investisia Group team can help you make the most out of your projects and introduce the most exciting and cutting edge opportunities available in the Romanian IT market today.

As Investisia Group approaches its projects from a client’s perspective, its priority is to deliver each project with an emphasis on simplicity and transparency throughout the entire process. The company can also provide studies regarding the Romanian IT market.

Our services offer includes IT market advisory and support services needed by a foreign investor entering the Romanian market, such as :

§ IT market studies and forecasts;

§ Identification and screening of opportunities regarding IT selling;

§ Introduction to major IT providers;

§ Transaction closing and negotiation support and interface with local parties (buyers, authorities, business partners);

§ Advisory and direct support in complying to legal requirements in developing IT partnerships (permits, certificates, regulatory);

§ Identifying and appraising potential partners for specific projects;

§ Promoting the Romanian trade opportunities in the foreign markets;

§ Specific studies for each Romanian business field;


Our company relies on a wide network of sub-consultants and partners that enable us to approach the most complex and sophisticated projects in the market. We usually act as General Consultant integrating the inputs of all other various sub-consultants and experts, and providing our client with a seamless team forged over years during numerous co-developed projects.

Whether you are an individual, smaller investor looking to start creating your own development project in Romania, or a group of investors looking for new and cutting edge opportunities in Romania, Investisia Group can help you achieve your strategic goals.



Alexandru Andrei Iacobas / General Director

The Winsoft Group is one of the main pharmacy software development companies in Romania. Their programming staff has been developing compounding software and pharmacy dispensing software for more than seven years and has contributed many key programming elements to successful pharmacy software standards being used today. Applications include warehouse processes automation, inventory management, general pharmaceutical administration, and marketing.



Horia Damian / C.E.O.

LASTING, like the name itself, is a company that wants to build and promote quality, long-term and durable partnerships in the computer and software markets. We focus on our partners and customers. We develop 'lasting' relationships based on confidence and mutual respect with every company that becomes our partner. Our motto is: "LASTING System - The PARTNER you can TRUST".

Created in January 2000 as an independent company, LASTING Software leverages LASTING’s managerial and market knowledge while focusing entirely on the specialized demands of software development. Working closely with the Computer and Software Engineering Department at “Politehnica” University of Timisoara, where we have a very close and special relationship with the university, we have created a team of highly trained and experienced engineers to successfully carry out our company’s strategy of creating outstanding software value for our customers. In addition, this close tie to the university means we are able to keep up to date on the latest market developments and utilize on-going training, both Internal and external, on our core technologies including Oracle and Microsoft.

Lasting’s Core IT Focus and Experience:

§ Communication and Internet software

§ DSP, designing and building testing devices and other microcontroller systems

§ Management Information Systems

§ E-Commerce applications

§ Applications for WEB pages featuring DB connectivity

§ Software-on-demand development

LASTING Software is proud to have the following close customer-partners:

Pathway Communications (Canada)
Openshop (Germany)
Siemens Automotive (Germany)
Xplugged (Germany)
PI-Consult (Germany)

Connectivity services(dial-up, leased lines, satellite solutions),Ip-VPN(Virtual Private Network), secure platforms for business communications, housing and web hosting services, web sites creation, e-commerce-virtual shop.



Silviana Prioteasa / Area Sales Manager

Gecad Technologies SA develops and distributes worldwide AXIGEN, the award-winning, carrier-class messaging solution, designed to effectively address the requirements of Services Providers as well as collaborative enterprises (ServerWatch Best Communication Server in 2007). Currently, AXIGEN is represented worldwide by over 160 partners and manages email traffic for more than 10,000 companies with 6 million end-users.

Our team of seasoned professionals, with 15 years of experience in messaging and IT security delivers cutting-edge products, by developing an innovative carrier-class technology based on proprietary architectures such as AXIGEN GrowSecureTM, AXIGEN SmartProcessingTM and AXIGEN UltraStorageTM.

Desired co-operation: We are interested in extending our partners’ businesses through the AXIGEN Partnership Program, mutual certifications and joint project integration providing full access to our sales and marketing resources, professional services, specialized trainings and technical support.

Whether you are a System Integrator, VAR of IT products, IT consultant, Service Provider, Software or Hardware distributor/vendor, or a company with a business opportunity related to AXIGEN, the AXIGEN targeted line of Partnership Levels gives you the chance to develop your business together with a strong technology company. By integrating the AXIGEN messaging solution into your product portfolio, you can expand the range of solutions offered to end customers and generate additional revenue streams for your business.



Radu Sinca / R&D Enginner

ICTCM - the Mechanical Engineering and Research Institute, located in Bucharest, NO 103, Oltenitei street, sector 4, founded in 1956, with national and international recognition, is a research and technological development institute for elaborating, developing and promoting studies, researches, designs, diagnoses, information, consultancy, analysis and solutions for technological and economical requirements mainly in the domain of machine building and also in other domains with technological and technical similarities.

ICTCM is a reference-point research institute, where scientific and technical information is being acquired, processed and disseminated, about

§ new high technologies,

§ new high technological processes,

§ new high performance materials,

§ plants and technological equipment of machining, control, and monitoring,

that are necessary at industrial level and even new concepts and technical solutions regarding

§ improving life quality,

§ continuous development,

§ promoting ecological and clean technologies.

Main activity domains:

§ mechanical machining engineering,

§ surface preparation,

§ metal plating,

§ paint coating,

§ assembly technologies and equipment,

§ mechanization and automation,

§ mechanical transmission,

§ research and test stands,

§ high pressure processing,

§ electrodischarge and electro-chemical processing,

§ thermal spraying plating,

§ industrial informatics-IT,

§ management quality,

§ economic analysis, marketing, prognoses, concepts,

§ technologies, systems and equipments for protecting and rehabilitating the environment.

ICTCM develops complex projects required by the customers, projects financed by National and International Programs (NATO, LEONARDO, PC6, EUREKA), projects with internal and external partners, projects financed by Governmental Programs.



Sorin Pienaru / Director

Intercode Romania develops software applications for warehouse process automation and web applications. Products include:

§ Picking Cart System: system which automates the picking operations in a warehouse.

§ Warehouse Stock-Take System: application used for periodical checking of existing stock in warehouses

§ Loyalty Points and CRM application: Web based application for managing customer's loyalty points, as well as customer claims.

§ "International Student Taxes": online tax return preparation system designed exclusively for international students in U.S.

We do not only write software but also help companies to choose the right technical solution.

Expertise in: C++, C#, Windows CE, COM, .NET, ASP, SQL Server, VB Script, JavaScript, DHTML, XML;




Cristina Lescenco / Economic Counsellor

The mission of the Economic Office of Romania – Toronto is to promote economic and commercial relationships between Romania and Canadian partners from Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.


* Expert Multiservices & Tours

85 Dacia Ave, Bucharest, Romania

Ph. +4021 3194687 / +4021 3194712

Fax. +4021 3193393

Mail: office@experttours.ro ;


Web: www.experttours.ro



Sorinela Tudorache    10/27/2008


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