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The Kind Way

Love comes easy. With gentle hands and apple pies.
Like a butterfly over a sunflower. Just open your arms.
Close your eyes. Open your arms even more.
Feel the wind and the warmth and the sun.
Let them all sneak inside you. Feel the scent
Of the spilled blackberries basket in a crowded train station.
The blonde hair of a blushing Scheherazade at the opened window.
Colored voices from all over as scattered watermelon seeds
On a summer street. Violet grapes, fat and joyful.
Now open your eyes: love is on your steps.
It has always been there, waiting patiently, but you never had eyes for it.
Treat it kind. Lose your being into another one to keep it. Completely.
Breath in. deeply. Breath out. Relaxed.
Breath in: happiness. Now live: you smell like love.
Long before your calming eyes settled on my soul,
Comforting my burning wounds,
I was too much of a wanderer, my gentle love.
Time stopped, as I’ve never thought it would:
The drop of sparkling dew stood still in its midway
Between the leaf and the grass, the wind rested
On a pear tree, waters stopped shivering and falling,
The clouds went still. I sat my heart in your palm.
Ever since, I got wiser, I’ve learned the voice of the silence
That surrounds us and routine vanished.
I lost myself in you and it was good.
I loved you in all the possible ways and it was good.
I loved you through the joy of the sun,
The dance of the rain on the bedroom roof,
The dirt on the ground and the whispering shells
Of the sea.
I saw you everywhere and felt you in everything.
You made my smiles and brought candlelight
Chatting in my life, that started sounding
Like a brought to breath out of tune, violin.
The beginning of your laughter. You cover me
In it, holding the tall glass of red wine against your temple.
Like that, wrapped in your look,
I feel warm. I am your winter fire, and you –
Scenting as mountain pines, as sun and hay,
Your soft steps barely heard on the carpet,
You make me feel like home. ,,Don’t go”, you say,
Not begging nor whining, but mild and confident.
,,Do stay.”. And I stood. Over and over again,
Spring, summer, day and night,
Autumn and winter, rain or shine,
And I even forgot that that there used to be a time
When it was not like that.
I loved the moon even more reflected on your body.
It had the color of a ripen pear and the same round shapes.
And by the time I thought I knew by heart all the curves
And the soft places, the line of your neck, the valley in between your breasts,
your hips, the long legs, your body kept on amazing me: every time
it was like I was seeing it for the first time.
And I was touching you, hesitating; I could have touched you for hours,
Taking all the time from the world,
Trying to find a gate to reach inside your soul and learn
The secret of your tenderness.
I felt it flowing through your fingertips down my back,
When, (after we made love and you cried and I hold you
Tight, so tight my love, to never let you go), I was putting on my bathrobe.
And then you smiled. Shine. And stretched your young body
In the morning light.
,,Coffee ?” I ask you, laying over to kiss you one more time,
messing gently your already messed hazel hair.
,,No, darl. Just a cup of sun.”
I feel your fingerprint in this room: it scents
Like green quiet chamomile and petals of melancholy.
The sun falls on the table, in between the plums,
The chair, and lazily lays on the carpet. With you.
Probably with his legs crossed underneath him, just like you.
Setting his eyes on the same book, just like you.
Caressing the wild hair spread on your shoulders,
Just like I do; you’re warm. Reminding me
Of lonely winter nights wrapped in a Hungarian Afghan:
As warm and as cozy, as to never go.
You look at me bright and questioning.
I make you room on the old couch.
,,Come here, my girl. Let’s wait for the sunset.”
And for tomorrow’s day to rise with us.
Have I ever told you how much I’ve missed you
Till the day I really met you?
Shy morning settled over my blue steamy coffee cup.
You reached me from behind, covering my eyes
With your thin fingers, dressed up in silence
And hyacinth scent, your head up and a bright
Proud smile that took the shape of a song
The moment you said the words: ,,I am expecting a child.”
Then, the Truth revealed to me: you, blue love,
Have always been the key to the only door into Forever.
And I no longer felt like old Lear, standing,
Hand stretched for mercy; I had you to fill the void
From my arms.
And I was living again.
Friendly warming watermelon sun.
Bright sunflowers.
Large blue sky.
Soft evenings with lavender whispers.
Trees in blossom.
Sweet peach skin.
No sound at all.
This till the baby cry.
The world start spinning.
The Beginning.


Manuela Bennett, nee Vieriu, published romanian poet , living in New York     2/11/2005


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